Nice Jonathan Kauffman piece on Stockton St.'s Hing Lung [San Francisco]


Thanks, good article.

Hing Lung is a regular stop for us. Their lap Cheong and Lap Yook is also very good.

I got a roast duck plate via delivery from Hing Lung aka Go Duck Yourself yesterday for dinner. It was really good! Fatty and flavorful but not too fatty. It was boneless except for the drumsticks which was a bit unexpected for me. Came with some nicely cooked gai lan, duck jus, and a sweet duck sauce.


Is this duck seasoned with five spice? What do they have that does not use five spice?

Yes, tasted like it. Without five spice - the char siu and the soy sauce chicken perhaps? I’m pretty sure the roast pork has five spice as well.