Newton Center Restaurants Newton, MA


We are lucky to be able to afford it as often as we go. Plus we can walk there in literally 3 minutes. No need for Scott or Olivia to stop the cocktails because someone had to drive!


House Of Tandoor
Food: 4
Service: N/a did take out

We had some friends over to watch the Pats game and ordered food from the newly opened House Of Tandoor. Everything was great. We had 1/2 Tandoori chicken, lamb kebab, duck kebab, Sang Paneer, 2 lamb naan, 2 garlic naan 2 meat samosas, vegetable pakora, and rice. It came to &83 an change. I’d like to eat there, as the naan suffered from the short walk a bit, but otherwise, the food was great. My dish was the Tandoori chicken which was super flavorful and moist. I didn’t try the duck or sang paneer, but both were proclaimed excellent by those who ordered them. Will definitely return.


Ha. We literally followed Scott from Great Bay in search of Ghost of Mary


I knew I recognized Scott from somewhere else! Thanks!


Our 15-year old (today) requested Sycamore for her birthday dinner. Chip off the old block?


Kimfair - Our waitress at Sycamore last night mentioned that there are a number of super-loyal (50+ visit) regulars, including a couple that comes in virtually every Sunday night - perhaps you?

Lamb shank was superb…and the beignets + milk jam :wink:


I’d love to go every Sunday night, but I’d need two jobs! We do see a ton of the same folks sitting at the bar when we go, and one evening, two seats were being saved for a couple that comes in every week on Tuesdays. Next week we’re going with a friend, and are sitting at a table for the first time ever.