New Jersey Restaurant Pet Peeves, Idiosyncrasies, Humorous Musings, etc

Randy moss would say the same thing lol

Nice lol. I still don’t get why that place does not open up more locations. I’ve never seen a place railed like that all the time.

Back in the day they had another 2 locations I think. Don’t know what if anything ever happened to them.

I am not usually a fan of music in restaurants - but I’d be a regular there.

Now my strength is slowly fading and my eyes are growing dim
And my thoughts return to Jeannie
and the home that we had planned
Oh please tell her won’t you mister
that she’s still the only one
But a woman’s love is wasted when she loves a running gun

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Nail hit firmly on head!
A slovenly, uncaring attitude.


“The Masters Call” to this day still gives me chills.

“2. Specials. If I’m going to listen to a server recite the specials, I want to hear the prices TOO. Don’t make customers feel ashamed for asking. Otherwise, run a quick printed copy off each day and list the specials and their prices.

YES - I HATE hearing specials. I want to think about things for a minute. Just print it out and leave it.


When the salt in the salt shaker is so old that it is one big clump and won’t pour out. You have to remove the top and make a mess.

Tiny water glasses the size of shot glasses. They are good for one sip and you can never find anyone to refill them. I didn’t know that tap water was so expensive.

I always hate to order my entree at the same time as my appetizer because it never fails that they bring you the entree barely after you finish taking the last bite out of your appetizer (even though the server always swears that the meal will be paced accordingly). I didn’t even have time to digest my appetizer. Most of the time I will order my appetizer first and not order the entree until I am finished with my appetizer, but some places force you to order everything at once. I can see them doing that when the kitchen is slammed but we usually dine at 5PM when the restaurant is empty. We will send back our entrees if they arrive immediately after our appetizers.

When empty plates are not cleared in a timely manner and are just left to pile up while new dishes come out.


I have no religious faith - but I know exactly what you mean.

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I have many but I’ll start with crap eating utensils. Nothing says, “we just don’t care” more than a fork that bends when used normally.

Local examples:
Doing it wrong: The sitting Duck & The Pour House
Doing it right: Porta

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That brings another issue to mind - when the dishes are chosen for design rather than function. I’m thinking high walled conical bowls for salad. They are tippy and the oversize flatware has no room to maneuver in the bowl. Looks pretty but I’m there to eat!


My wife hates her food served in a bowl, especially an entree that is supposed to be crispy, and is drowning in a pool of sauce, making it mushy. Also, no place to rest your fork. The only thing that should be served in a bowl is soup.


And ice cream…a LARGE bowl.


Fake butter :frowning: makes me lose my mind, $$$ for shitty food as in low end frozen restaurant depot/Sysco, miserable service as in mean or obnoxious or being ignored, slow service is not an issue for me if a place is busy, lack of cleanliness. Also not a fan of being spied on while dining out, not sure if this is a NJ thing but too many restaurants have too many hidden cameras that function as recording devices … sound included! And I agree with much of what has already been posted … EDIT: Owners who mistreat their staff is a deal killer!!!


Popcorn? :smile: I like large bowls for that too



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And CEREAL. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have these great dishes that my aunt made me (wood fire potter) that are really half way between a bowl and a plate. I use them daily. They are about 2 inches deep with high walls. Perfect for pasta, salad, rice bowls or anything your heart desires. I just sweet talked her recently to make me another set of two! This new set is gorgeous with this lovely leaf inlay design.

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Ok. Maybe a few other things can be served in a bowl, but definitely not an entree that is supposed to be crispy and has a ton of sauce :grinning:

I also hate it when they serve food on slate to be fancy. Cutting something on slate is like nails on a chalkboard :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: