New Jersey China Buffets

They closed this week after more than 20 years. We only went a few times a year since they were not exactly local but I will miss them. I used to go to the Mongolian in Red Bank often when I had my boat docked in Red Bank but they’ve been gone forever.

Was the Mongolian place where they cooked on a steel drum looking thing? (I think where Red was last occupant) I know my wife used to take me to a place in Red Bank like that, this is going back at least 20 years.

I’m guessing yes… sounds like the Mongolian BBQ place that was in Morristown (Khiva) 20+ years ago! You went down a salad-bar-like line, piled your stuff in a bowl, and they cooked it on a HUGE round flat-top griddle.

Yes, that was the place. It was late 80’s-early 90’s in Red Bank. This is what the cooking grill looks like.


Yep! I never liked it but my wife sure did! We went several times back then and have never seen a place like it since. They should open one using a steel drum so the cook can entertain you while cooking!!! (I get 20% if anyone steals my concept!!)


Something tells me this crab won’t be making it’s way to our local China buffets. How rich is the guy that going to eat this thing?

I wish they explained why this particular crab was so special. Was it just it’s size or something else that made it so prized? It doesn’t really look much larger than all the others there…

The crab is going to be a fine specimen. It is big for its kind, but those snow crabs dont get very big so that is as big as it gets. It really won’t be much bigger than ones you can buy locally. The shell and body will be perfect with no imperfections. There won’t be any barnacles or scratches. All the legs will be proportionate and never chopped off and rejuvenated. The legs will be long and the body will be shaped "correctly. " The color will be as light as possible. The claws, like the legs will be fully grown and not different sizes or chopped off at one point. So it will be a nice crab but there will be no way to taste the difference between this and one you pay a few hundred bucks for in Tokyo.

It is all marketing. The national media will cover this and it will bring a ton of attention to the distributor and restaurant, as well as the rich guy who buys it. So they basically pay a ton for a crab/tuna and it is advertising. Some guy like the Japanese Jay Z will buy it. That’s not a real person but Jay z pulls stunts like this.


Please tell me there’s a Japanese Beyonce too!


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