New Brunswick Cheap Eats

yes…very ashamed…

@joon Thumbs up to Destination Dogs. Good place to visit. Been meaning to get to Shanghai Dumpling house. Good reminder.

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From what I heard, Shanghai Dumpling House is a mad house on the weekends; best to go during weekdays.

What’s the coffee especial?

Aside from the travesty factor I’m honestly baffled at how this is even possible. What campus were you on and what years? It’s not the same any more but one of the trucks is still on college ave. But man there’s nothing quite like how the 2am grease truck scene used to be.

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I was a commuter and pretty much went to class and went home while working 25 hours a week so I wasn’t steeped in the RU traditions…was there 01-03…on main campus…I blame the faculty mostly…

We MIGHT be able to give you a pass, then… Might.

Well you can still make up for it by getting wasted and going to the RU Hungry truck! :smiley: Reclaim your youth!

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It’s a big cup of long island ice tea. If you knew the code they would serve you. I’m guessing it’s probably been cracked down on, but back in the day that’s how it was done.

Need somewhere for dinner with the wife on Saturday before an 8 pm show at the State Theater. Nothing showing up on Open Table is really speaking to me, but I’m kind of interested in trying Salt, the newish seafood place. The open time slot is just too early. Anyone know if they have bar seating and how likely am I to find 2 seats on a Saturday around 6?

Other suggestions? Considering Little Sheep in Edison, but afraid of a long wait. While we like Korean bbq, prefer it as part of a larger group. Indian not an option. TIA

If you want the best food for your money, go across the bridge into Highland Park and a few blocks up to Pad Thai. They have a bar too but are not fancy and everything I’ve had there has been good. Get the chinese sausage fried rice and add pineapple to it. One note of caution, they make everything spicy. If you are spice averse, tell them no spice.


I’ve personally never had to wait at little sheep and they do take reservations. If you want something bbq like but different meng gao yang is a lot of fun.

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The Frog and the Peach has a pre-theater 3-course prix-fixe for $42.


We ended picking up an extra guest and went for bbq at Keom Ho Garden in Edison. It’s been a few years and was a bit of a let down. Turned out that two of our three meats were cooked in the kitchen instead of on our table bbq. The bulgogi was nothing special, but the spicy pork was pretty good, as was the spicy chicken. Not sure I’m rushing to return, but a few tables that were cooking ribeyes on their table grills looked pretty tasty.

Hong Kong Garden?


(extra words so this will post)

The Chinese restaurant on Easton…

Was (IS?) that the place in the shopping center that had a supermarket and KMart decades ago when I was at RU?

I am not sure, it has been so long since I lived in Somerset and my memory is so bad! It is in a strip mall on Easton near the 287 on ramp. I think it is still open, but I haven’t been there in years. It was pretty legit - they had specials written on papers hung on the walls in Chinese characters.

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