New Aldi, Parkway Center - Houston

Which Aldi do you frequent?

MY usual Aldi is on Highway 6 between Westpark Tollway and Richmond, but it’s closed until the end of the month for remodeling.

So my past two visits have been to the store three miles south at Hwy 6 and West Bellfort.

Just for you Lambsy, skip the microwave popcorn. It’s not very good.

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The Parkway store lost power during Harvey and was closed until Thursday, I think it was. Then only open limited hours and poorly stocked. They had to throw out all refrigerated or frozen foods.

Looking at the website since I hadn’t gotten a flyer in a couple of weeks, I discovered another store on W. Airport @ Kirkwood, in Meadows Place. Per the interwebs, it’s equidistant from me (or at least my zip code). So I went down there… Seems to me to be a larger store, wider aisles and perhaps longer from front to back. It was very well stocked other than bread and about half the produce area was barren. Products are arranged differently but I think there may have been about twice as much in the way of canned goods. I don’t remember just what they’re supposed to be doing in upgrading their stores other than enlarging the produce offerings, I think.

Among some regular products I needed I picked up the Deutsche Kuche German Bean Soup - 28 oz, $1.99. Ingredients just lists ‘beans’ plus potatoes, carrots, onions. Hmmm. Is ‘German’ a type of bean??? I guess I’ll find out. Also got the DK Braunschweiger. Looking forward to trying that. Stocked up (almost cleared them out) of the Appleton Farms shredded pork, just meat, not swimming in a cloying bbq sauce. For lazy cooks like me, good for bbq sandwiches with your sauce of choice (I’ve tried both HEB’s and TJ’s Carolina sauces; I like HEB’s a little better), tacos or fry a little for quick and easy carnitas.

Also picked up some batteries, AAs, Activ Energy - Aldi house brand. I don’t recall ever noticing them before but I went through batteries very quickly during Harvey. I haven’t had much luck with generic batteries in the past but considering they were about 1/3 the price of the Duracells displayed right next to them, I thought they were worth a try.

Also, 18 pack of Extra Large Eggs - $1.40. That’s a steal.

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Went to Aldi first thing yesterday, mainly just to pick up some of my regular buys. This always includes the sea salt dark chocolate caramels. TJ’s has a similar product but I’ve just stuck with Aldi.

Some of the Deutsche Kuche products are back; I don’t know if these are seasonal or what. I saw the braunschweiger in what may have been a smaller roll. I bought it once before and couldn’t finish it before it went off. They also had a couple of varieties of the brats. Actually, come to think of it, I’m not sure if those were DK or Parkland or some other Aldi house brand. They didn’t have the Nurnberger variety which is the one I liked best.

They also had a couple of varieties of Irish Bangers.

The only other thing I saw that interested me were some shrimp and crab ravioli, frozen, Mama Cozzi’s or Priano?, I don’t remember. I don’t have room in the freezer right now so I had to pass.

The store was busier than I’ve ever seen it but only 2 checkers were working. Still, they get people through pretty fast and the biggest hangup is people fumbling for their cash or trying to figure out how to enter their pin number correctly :disappointed:.

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Love those sea salt caramels.

Last week I picked up a 4 lb. corned beef point at Aldi for $1.99/lb. Made it yesterday and served with Deutsche Kuche coarse brown mustard on Orowheat seeded rye. Topped with my homemade slaw with tater salad on the side.

NOT as good as Kenny & Ziggy’s, but not bad at all.

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Damn, that sounds good. I remember seeing the corned beef before but don’t remember if they had it yesterday.

Aldi had its ‘German Week’ recently (last week?). Was it mentioned in your circular? I never got one that mentioned it but I missed my grocery store circulars two weeks in a row. I looked up Aldi online and saw it, then when I finally got a circular on Friday, there was no mention of it???

Any way, they were featuring a bigger than usual selection of Deutsche Kuche products, which is just their store brand, and they had both speck and schinken. I had never heard of either but speck has been mentioned much recently in the lunch and dinner threads by Presunto so I picked some up. The schinken is more aromatic but I liked the speck better. Just got back from a visit for this week and my store still had both so I bought some more. $2.49/pkg

I see Spec’s on Smith has an Italian Speck but you apparently have to buy a whole package of more than a pound.

Don’t know if either Central Market or Phoenicia has it - I’ve never looked for it.

I’ve had really bad luck with green grapes at Aldi. Had one bunch I bought last year that was so hard and tasteless I wound up throwing at least 3/4 of the bag away. But I’ve had much better luck with red grapes and picked some up today. I’ve paid as little as $1.39/# but these were $2.19; still cheaper than most stores unless they’re holding a special.

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Still waiting for an Aldi near me.

Grrr. This Aldi! Bad about not posting prices, especially on the horizontal freezer cases. There were some fruit bars, paletas I think (the brand name was Hispanic) - no price posted anywhere. Also no price on the organic grape tomatoes. They lost a couple of sales.

I guess I should take 'em up to the cashier and then tell 'em no, I’m not going to pay that price!

I finally made it to the new Aldi on Westheimer and Gessner area. I haven’t been to one in probably 10 years, and kind of forgot what the concept was about. I was surprised to see several rows of what I would call junk, faux fur throw rugs, uni-Tasker kitchen appliances and gadgetry, candy canes, and the like, a jumbo of stuff. The prices are certainly cheap, but does it all taste like knock offs? I bought a few things and I’m going to review Doobs’ list above of his favorite things before I go back. So far, I’m not sure about this.

Yeah, that’s their “Seasonal Aisle”. They rotate in and out every two weeks or so.

I bought a cheap pair of walking shoes once. They were super comfortable and I wore them daily for my mile walk with my best girl, (nine year old mutt), but they wore out pretty quickly. No surprise there.

My favorite things are still my favorite things. Pantry staples that are half price of most grocers and every bit as good. Example: I am having a hard time paying $2.19 for a half gallon of milk at HEB when I know I can get it at Aldi for half that. EXACT same milk. Is it worth a dollar to make two stops? Maybe not. But if I find similar savings on ten things? Sure.

I’ll be curious about what you try and what you think.