Nettie's house of spaghetti - tinton falls, nj


Great to know! Thank you! She is usually quite well behaved out; often much better than fellow patrons if they have had a drink or two!!!

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I resemble that remark! (although it’s generally 5 or 6 for me, just sayin’)

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Your Martini looks proper.

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It was!! There was a “problem” with my second one which was ordered the table, I think the shaker wasn’t rinsed from the previous drink. The waitress gladly replaced it and the replacement was perfect. Not a biggie that’s why I didn’t include it in the initial review.


Way to take one for the team Bob. Any good looking steaks?

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Nope! There is 1 on the menu but nothing special.


Thanks for taking the time to review us! And Im glad you enjoyed some of what we offer, there’s a LOT more to try. We are are always working hard to perfect our restaurant and improve.

I have a few comments for your review… Please dont take offense, but this is a “discussion board”, not a “one guys comments are the end-all board”. So lets keep it civil. I love everyone.

The jabs at my wife, although i guess was an attempt to be entertaining, distracted from the review and read a bit bully. but i totally got the references and it was very “Miranda Hobbes” of you.

Also, you have to be excited to eat here, not reluctant with a story that it’s lousy before you get here. Despite some of what is out there, a LOT of people really love this place. We just got a beautiful review in the 2 River Times… Ive been to MANY “mediocre at best Italian restaurants” @RGR, and this ain’t one… We make our cavatelli and ravioli by hand, not a machine, every day. Our mozzarella is fresh and made here, everyday. Our Italian sausage is probably the best I ever ate, and it is made here, in-house. (I can say that without being cocky because one of my chefs, Mike, made the recipe, not me, and I invite you to try it and tell me different.) There is really not much that we don’t make in-house, from scratch, daily… ANDD most restaurants cant say that.

Moving on… I don’t like stringy broccoli rabe! I love chopped spinach. Its not everyones jam, but if you are like me, you’ll love it. Its creamy, without cream, or butter, just roasted garlic, totally vegan if you request that we do not garnish the top with 24month Parmigiano (also GOOD cheese, not kraft crap is something “mediocre” doesn’t do… @NotJrvedivici, just to clarify, in the pic of the broccoli rabe YOU took, the chilis are on top, but you kept saying they were at the bottom of the bowl. so i have to take a few points off for that.

Im not disregarding anything you say, and me and the team will look super deep into what you said about the the meatballs… Flavorless sauce and balls! Not our intention that night, but if they were, it was an overlooked error that I take seriously and will be relentless about.

Also, its definitely NOT TAPAS…lol. Tapas are spanish. There’s a half of chicken the menu! (also a must try) When me and my wife cook and eat, we like to try a lot stuff… a few roasted and marinated peppers (not from a jar @RGR), some beans (not from a can), and some delicious, crusty bread (which you should not decline, from a perfect bakery in Staten Island baking the “real deal”) . We get to pick and eat at different things and not get stuck with 1 extra large bowl of overcooked pasta), feel me?

There is not a steak on the menu @corvette_johnny . @NotJrvedivici Maybe all the fashion was distracting you…

For meat lovers we serve meatballs, our cheese, parsley and fennel sausage, Nettie’s vinegar chicken and a domestic, double cut lamb chop. Its untrimmed so all the fatty bits of lamb that I love are there for your enjoyment. you may not be into that, so request from your server that you would prefer it trimmed and I’ll take care of it.
Also, I love a great steak and will be featuring one soon.
Me and my wife would love to have you back anytime. I welcome you all to come into our kitchen and see how clean and professional it is. See for yourself how much care is put into what we do. Seriously… Don’t be shy.!




Welcome aboard! It is good to see new people on here and I wish you the best of luck. After reading this, I will definitely stop by and try your place out. Your post definitely shows that you care about the quality going into your dishes.

Keep in mind Jr and I both dine out quite a bit, like a lot of people on here. He tells it as he sees it. I think we both can be over critical but I suppose that is why we both frequent this forum :slight_smile:

You took it in stride and I truly respect that. I’d love to hear about upcoming specials. This is a free resource and one I’d take advantage of if I was an owner.

Cheers and merry Christmas.

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Thank you for taking the time to address my review of your establishment. I’m not trying to start an argument (FYI I’m industry as well) but I would just like to clarify a few things.

My initial comment on your wife (I obviously had no idea she was your wife) was a bit of a “jab” which I clearly said. I also said “giving credit where it’s due”, she rolled up her sleeves and did the work that was needed done, as an owner (now that I know she is) should do. Kudos to her again!!

Regarding the peppers on top in the picture, I also said there was good heat in the dish however once I got to the bottom the heat was exponentially intense to where it made the dish less enjoyable. I don’t know how or why but that’s how it was.

I don’t know if you are pan frying or deep frying your meatballs but they were way over cooked for my liking. The over-well doneness seemed to take away from their flavor. Next time I make a pot of gravy maybe I’ll drop off a few meatballs for you to try, I’ll become your meatball source like your Staten Island bread guy!

Just a FYI I don’t know if you live locally as I do, but there is a Facebook page titled “Tinton Falls Social” Which is where the “negative” comments regarding the price vs serving sizes that made me apprehensive going into your restaurant. As I said I did not share in those feelings after experiencing your restaurant for myself.

I wish you all the luck in the world, as someone who has stood in your shoes I know full well the trials and tribulations you are going through. I will say again as I did originally nothing I wrote was to discourage anyone from giving your place a try, and if they do I look forward to their feedback!

Best of luck and kindest regards!


Oh man … if you wanted to keep the ball in your court you would have stopped at “Thanks for taking the time to review us! And Im glad you enjoyed some of what we offer, there’s a LOT more to try. We are always working hard to perfect our restaurant and improve”

Think about the power in the following statements " Please come back I would like very much the opportunity to show you what my kitchen can do " :slight_smile: “A happy customer is a repeat customer”
You can still make things right!

Something I learned early on … you may not remember the food and may even forgive bad or mediocre food if you are treated well and receive good service … being made to feel welcome and important is paramount … dining out is not about pleasing the restaurant owners, it’s about the customers pleasure.

I did not read anything offensive in JR’s review, and I’m often on his ass about something. Considering he was unaware that the hostess was your wife kind of makes your review of his review even more inappropriate. IMO you missed a really great opportunity to get your point across in a welcoming and professional manner that would attract many a diner including me … This is the restaurant business If you don’t wear your belt around your ankles or you will never survive … at the very least be happy! Best of luck to you really… wishing you prosperity, success, peace and happiness … it’s a tough business.


I’ve been meaning to get back here and update the group. We came for dinner Friday night. We had a great meal (minus a hasty exit but that had nothing to do with the restaurant, just a by product of dining with a toddler). We ordered baked clams and fried hen of the woods to start and split the cavatelli and cabonara. We didn’t have any complaints about the portion size and actually took some home. I’m pretty jazzed to come back. Service was attentive and friendly. I hope they do well.

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interested in checking this place out- esp since its a waste land over there for the most part. Really odd, just noticed their yelp profile. Legit 9 reviews or so and 6 are 1 star reviews from posters where that is their only review. Either they are so terrible they are inspiring people suddenly to join social media and spread the word about their issues or something fishy is up.

Also curious to know the SI bakery. Most spots in SI get from Brooklyn or Hoboken.

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As I notified the owner above he’s not getting much love on the Tinton Falls Facebook page either. Not sure if people have an ax to grind or what but something doesn’t seem right.


I see 9 reviews in yelp. 4 are one hit wonders.

I seriously wish yelp would fix their policy. I’ve said it before. I’m a member of quite a few fishing and sports car forums. People shouldn’t be able to post a review until they go through the “process”

They need to be a member for a certain amount of time before their reviews are public.

They need to have a certain number of posts/reviews.

Posts have to have a certain amount of characters.

This weeds out idiots and one hit wonders. The sad reality is most sites are not after quality content, but traffic to gain revenue.


100000000% on forums. I don’t even look at Yelp anymore since I think their reviews are so skewed. Fairly skeptical of Google reviews too after one too many 4.5 star places that are awful.

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Fake spot grades the reviews “C”.

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I don’t even know what that means.

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There is a web site/service called It makes an effort to evaluate Yelp reviews (and Amazon reviews) and produce a reliability score. “A” is most reviews look authentic vs. “C” which would indicate the reviews are less reliable. Not good/not bad - just reliable.

A “C” indicates likely shenanigans. Follow the (entirely safe) link and see for yourself.


Hey @Metsfan86. Our table bread is from Artisan bakery on Sharrotts rd in Staten Island