Naked cakes - do you like the look?

I do like the look, but must admit they look incomplete without some kind of flourish on top, like fruit, flowers, a ganache, glaze, and/or additional decorations. But in general, I think naked cakes reflect a movement toward more natural cake decorating; they’re probably a passing trend, but frankly I much prefer them to the fondant-heavy look.

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A couple looked pretty but I love my frosting!

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I’m kind of going the other way… I skip the cake & just eat the frosting out of the can.


While naked, I hope!


Ayup. Wanta lick??


Nah, I have to make about 300 sweets for parties on Thursday, I’ll get my sugar then. Quality control … Someone’s gotta do it!


Oh, me too. I love the frosting. I eat the frosting off of cupcakes too.


Yea, I’m mainly in the anti-frosting camp too. Usually way too sweet. I’ll take a naked (not so sweet) cake any day.

All we ask is more cake than icing … please
What is up with these cakes that have equal
layers of icing to cake … gag

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I agree with gaffk - those are the only three I think look good. I honestly don’t like the look of fondant-covered cakes.

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I’m not a huge fan of lots of icing - but I just don’t like the looks of these cakes. Those are the best of the bunch but judging without the caveat of “naked cakes” … I would steal those designs.

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