"My Kitchen Rules"

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Yes, I saw that, and yes, in this context the contestant was implying that where they used “entree” to mean a first course, there was a difference between first course and appetizer. He seemed to be saying one lamb chop was too small for an appetizer.

Someone had brought up the use of the word entree for first course recently but I can’t find it, and remain curious.

I have been binge watching MKR, and just started Season 4. I believe there are 11 seasons, each with what seems like 30 episodes, for a total 423 episodes;


What a cutie!

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You’re playing right into her paws. :joy:

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I follow JP on FB, he posts daily, little snippets and quick recipes. Gets me through the day,

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You’re ahead of me. MKR is on my watchlist but there is a queue.

I’ve kept looking and I haven’t seen anything that says each course must be bigger than the preceding. In Europe, entree and starter seem to be the same. That’s my recollection from the times I’ve lived there, although starter is more common than entree except in French restaurants. The main is the main. A soup or salad course is a called a soup or a salad. I think we need a AU to weigh in. I have a few contacts but I’m not sure any of them are much beyond the “kill it and eat it” or “open a can” stage. I’ve asked.

ETA: … and where, precisely, does the salad go? grin


How are these contestants so surprised when their dish is not good?

Unless you are desperate for cooking competition shows, please ignore.

Part of the starter? On top of pizza? A bed for main course protein? With the cheese course?

Two blokes said one airy fairy contestant was chuffed because she didn’t stuff her brekkie dish. Spatchcock might mean a small chicken, but I couldn’t find a reference for that.

I had a cat when I was a kid and he was always there when we pounded out the meat for the chicken fried steak because he knew the scraps were his.

He was always well behaved and stayed off the counter except one day Mom and I left the kitchen and there was the cat with the steak on the floor.

We loved that cat so he was quickly forgiven.


Season 4, episode 35 (!!!), they go to "Cable beach " to fish. The “beach” looks amazing, but they are told there are a lot of “crocs”, and they are catching “mud crabs”. I thought crocs and mud crabs were freshwater!

From Wikipedia

Looks like saltwater “options” including in Australia.

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Thank you! That crocodile sounds like quite the beast. One link described crocodiles as “riparian” which reminded me I’d seen that word on HO once before.

I believe it was in the context of blackberries in the PNW.

I must say I am learning more about ingredients, especially seafood, I’ve never heard of before than I am about cooking.

It is my favorite show. I watched almost every season. I also like Hell’s Kitchen. Do you watch it?

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“I also like Hell’s Kitchen. Do you watch it?”

The US version with lots of screaming ? Sorry; No, I do not.

How about out these rules from Food.com?

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404 from taste.com.au for the rules.


I just watched the first episode.

It reminds me of a more upscale “Come Dine with Me,” but with the added stress of professional judges. It looks to me to be about as real as could be expected. They obviously choose contestants based on specific personality types to ensure at least some drama. I’ll be watching the rest.

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I was wondering who pays for all the food?

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I was surprised to read that the contestants pay for their own food for practice. It occurs to me that those in the Great British Baking Show may as well as their is often commentary about practicing at home.

The articles you linked sent me down quite a rabbit hole. It would appear that judge and “chef” Pete Evans is a loon.

That also led to learning that Robert F. Kennedy Jr is anti-vaxx which had not crossed my radar.

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So much lamb, beetroot and “hip-hop”!

I’ve been enjoying this show.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold