Mother's Day Brunch/Dinner Boston MA Area

ooh, what a great tip re: madeleine opening at 6:30am. we’re usually up in the 5s w/ our spring onion so this will work. LOL. is there a place to sit in there or is it just to go? would love to go in super early and have some pastries and drink coffee while the kid runs around (assuming it’s not crowded and we aren’t disturbing anyone of course at 6:30am). :slight_smile:

One of the definite pros of having young children is that the city is your oyster on weekend mornings! Cafe Madeleine does have some seating and enough space to bring the little ones. There were a few other people there at 7:30a on Sunday, but it was relatively quiet. There is counter seating and a few small tables. Now that it’s warm there are a few patio tables in front that are great with kids. The staff is extremely friendly and welcoming the children. There is a picture huge window looking into the kitchen that kids love looking through.

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i got reminded to post about our Mom’s Day meal out after our lunch this past Sunday at PJ Ryan’s. I was asked last weekend where I wanted to go (I wasn’t keen on going out on Mom’s Day but we almost always eat lunches out on the weekends anyway). I said, “PJs.” B and baby Jack were down with that. The usual friendly faces working there, many other families with young kids playing with each other underfoot (not in an annoying way, but more like in a real pub). Food was good as always - a really good chicken pot pie and a MF Dulock brat roll, excellent fries. Lots of smiling moms that afternoon, including this one.

Though we moved out of Teele Sq years ago, we still frequent enough to be considered regulars. I think I remember Bob Dobalina (from that other site) being a regular as well. I wish I knew his face because I secretly wish I would spot him in there one of these days. Bob, where did you go?!

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Yes, I think I remember Bob being a regular there, too. I also miss Bob and would love to see him visit here as well.

Glad you had a nice, low-key day. We haven’t made it to PJ’s yet, but maybe your post will help to change that!

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