More Chowhound Shenanigans

“Students who apparently lack library cards:”

“Library? What’s a library?”
“Books on paper? What’s that?”


I quit cold turkey a while ago when I was reprimanded for flagging a fly-by’s snarky response to a longtime poster and received an unsympathetic response to a page reloading problem. However, in the buildup to the election, I was drawn back in, usually anonymously.

CH SFBA has had just one post in the past 24 hours.

Too shocked to talk about food, presumably.

It’s been hovering around 5-7 posts a day recently, though.

In September, I updated my analysis of new user participation for Sept-Dec 2015, Jan-Apr 2016, and May-Aug 2016. Fewer than 700 new members posted to more than one thread in the first year of the new Chowhound, which is half what it was the previous (disappointing) year.

It is really stunning how quiet that site now is. I remember when I could spend hours there daily. Now there is seldom more than 30 min. a week to catch up on.

Guess the take away is that people will be patient but if they feel belittled there is a point of no return.


FWIW I just noticed @junkliss made a post on my local board flat out saying they posted something on on Nov. 13th and the post still stands. Nice job @junkliss do you know if anyone followed your breadcrumb trail over here?

Sorry I don’t follow your question. But if you want me to say something intelligent - I will say the sushi at Kula is great - but unfortunately there is no branch in NJ :pensive:- gonna see the Devils tonight in San Jose and Kula serves the sushi on automated belt ways - not to be confused with the auto mat of by gone days.

I was asking if anyone from Chow, where you posted about hungryonion on the Pho99 thread, has followed you over here? Traditionally posts referring to Hungryonion on Chow are deleted by Moderators, however I noticed yours has been up for over a week, I’m wondering if anyone read it and has come over from Chow.

The new Chowhound City Guide videos are a nightmare. Multiple banner ads, plus videos rammed into every single discussion thread that are only too easy to open accidentally. They make me want to shoot somebody in the face. Maybe myself, in the eyeball.


Made this screenshot a couple of days ago (they removed it later of course). All those people who still post on there enjoy enduring this then? Once I disabled ABP just to see the extent of this wretch. 10 seconds of this hell were quite enough. The screenshot shows how much BS I block out!

Tell this guy to come over here, someone.


I installed a new ad block through Mozilla/Firefox which gives the number of ads blocked each time you click on a new page. I just opened Not About Food on CH and it blocked 14 ads immediately! On just one page!

I installed it about a week ago and it has blocked 13,218 ads! Mind boggling.


When I read this I went immediately over to CH and opened a thread. I watched my ad blocker go from 1 to 17!

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Not to mention third-party tracking cookies. Privacy Badger is currently blocking 21 of them.

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And the complaint I made about the City Guides on Site Feedback five hours ago? Deleted of course, with no answer.


What’s the complaint?

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WOW. How the hell are they even still around with all of this crap?

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It’s a part of their new active defense network designed to keep the website safe by ensuring there is no traffic!!!

I tell you, that people running that site belong to the dream police and wear tin foil hats…

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Seams some have a hard time letting go…

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