Moo Shu Pork?

I suppose the ones I posted are technically “budding”? I see them in a lot of recipes as “golden needles”. I love their texture in stir fries and soups.

Pretty damn close, with the exception of tortillas. (c;

Agreed (somewhat)… unfortunately there is no where up here to buy them.

I’ll take you one further - I used to keep flour tortillas and rotisserie chicken specifically for Peking duck cravings. Enough hoisin and scallions and something crunchy and… I’m good.

I don’t always find them at the chinese market i go to. I did see them at the bug flushing store the other day, but $10 to a big pack. Quicker and cheaper to make a few with flour and water.

Well in that case:

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As mentioned above… watched it and it is not even close. Just curious… did you watch it?

Oh sorry
I started to but then work dared interrupt :joy:

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Correcto mundo.

These are Chinese lily buds, fresh ones.

Yes, golden needle is what I’m used to calling them at home, and what my parents always called them. Before they are tied into a knot (common in many stages), they are just a dried but pliable stalk. They don’t look like bulbs to me, but I’m hardly an expert on flowers.

Edit: Ok, I am officially an idiot. I’m reading and typing bud, but in my head is the word bulb, and that’s why I thought of the fresh lilly bulb. Apparently I need to call it a day.

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Take 2 Martin Yan and Mu Shu:

(I looked at Ken Hom as well but it wasn’t similar to what I’ve come across as moo shu in the US)

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This may be cold comfort at the moment, but amazon is good for nonperishable or vaccuum sealed Asian (and other) ingredients. And if you travel to whatever is the biggest city near you next, whenever that happens, bring a cooler along with some icepacks and store up on some of those ingredients that you can’t find locally and pack them in your fridge or freezer. Something like mushu pancakes should last in the freezer.

I’m lucky enough to have a pretty good sized Asian grocer in my town, but when we drive to Seattle, we often do a shop at Uwajimaya and bring it all home to store for home cooking fun.



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Sunday market in Ubud, Indonesia
Credit: Roozbeh Rokni, Flickr