Montreal food and gifts: what to buy, where to buy it


@Captcrunch, I shared this epic list with Julian Armstrong and Lesley Chesterman as well as Tourisme Montreal and Tourisme Quebec. Hopefully this list can be of use to their readers at some point!


Ha! Thanks!


I still have some stuff to cover but I ran out of time (and a bit of steam I guess). Didn’t forget it! (there’s still seafood to do!)

I only hope it helps people. The only payment I ask in return is that you give me your feedback if you do come in Montreal!


BTW, if some luminairies of the food or wine world read the list understand that I know that the okanagan valley is in British Columbia but it was late when I wrote the text and I cannot edit it after 1 hour.

The following sentence (“While Ontario has started to garner a great reputation in its Okanagan valley…”) was probably meant to say ("While Ontario has started to garner a great reputation and British Columbia with its Okanagan valley,)


(I only say that because I cringe a bit every time I re-read myself :smile:)


The best chocolate I’ve had in Montreal came from Gendron Confiseur Chocolatier. By far the most interesting, complex and unique flavors.

Looking through my inbox, this was an order that I placed directly with Daniel several years ago; he conveniently delivered it right to my apt door, with a smile:

1x - abricot

1x - canneberge

1x - citron

1x - figue

1x - lime

1x - mandarine bergamote

1x - pamplemousse

1x - thé vert Matcha de Mariage Frères

1x - Gyokuro de Betjeman and Barton

1x - Sencha de Betjeman and Barton

1x - Kaüai d’Hawaïï

1x - Café Népal

1x - amande

1x - noisette

1x - pistache

1x - tonka

1x - anis étoilé

1x - genévrier

1x - gingembre

1x - menthe

1x - romarin

1x - thym

1x - vanille bourbon

1x - verveine

1x - lavande

1x - mimosa

1x - caramel

1x - caramel bergamote

1x - caramel diamant de sel

1x - morille

1x - truffes d’Alba

1x - épinette noire

1x - Cohiba

1x - porto

1x - pure malte

1x - roquefort Carles

Here’s a c+p from his 2012 selection and pricing:


Nos produits réalisés dans la pure tradition de la chocolaterie artisanale vous offrent un chocolat de première qualité entièrement fabriqué à la main.

Nous utilisons du chocolat de couverture noir à 84, 75, 70 et 64% de cacao.

Nos intérieurs sont composés de ganaches, un mélange de chocolat, de crème fraîche et de beurre. Nos saveurs sont créées à partir de fines herbes, de fleurs et de fruits frais. Nous utilisons des produits d’origine de première qualité, notre crème, notre beurre, ainsi que les fleurs et les herbes sont certifiés biologique.
Nous n’utilisons aucun arôme de synthèse, essence artificielle ni conservateur chimique. Notre chocolat est garanti pur beurre de cacao.

Alerte aux allergies

Tous nos produits peuvent avoir été en contact avec des noix et des arachides.

Saveurs :

Nos fruits: abricot, canneberge, citron, figue, lime, mandarine bergamote, pamplemousse

Nos thés: thé vert Matcha de Mariage Frères, Gyokuro de Betjeman and Barton, Sencha de Betjeman and Barton

Nos cafés: Kaüai d’Hawaïï, Népal,

Nos noix: amande, noisette, pistache, tonka

Nos herbes et épices: anis étoilé, genévrier, gingembre, menthe, romarin, thym, vanille bourbon, verveine

Nos fleurs: lavande, mimosa

Nos caramels: caramel, caramel bergamote, caramel diamant de sel

Nos champignons: morille, truffes d’Alba

Nos curiosités: épinette noire, Cohiba, porto, pure malte, roquefort Carles

Nos prix:

Cohiba 3,50$ unité

Morilles 3,50$ unité

Pistache, thé Gyokuro 2,50$ unité

Roquefort Carles, Thé Sencha 2,25$ unité

Café du Népal 3.00$ unité

Truffe d’alba 5,00$ unité

Autres saveurs 2.00$ unité


  • Boîtier et sac assortis (origami) de forme pyramidale

· 24 chocolats variés 50,00$

· 12 chocolats variés 25,00$

· 6 chocolats variés 12,50$

· 4 chocolats variés 8,75$

· 2 chocolats variés 4,75$

· Petite coupelle 10,00$

· Grande coupelle 40,00$

Taxes en sus.

Livraison 10,00$

DANIEL GENDRON (450) 646-6001 1-866-646-6001

e.mail :

(lagatta à montréal) #47

Presunto, where did you stay near Berri-UQAM? Yes, the IGA there is a very decent supermarket for people staying in a hotel as they have a lot of prepared food - that IGA and the one at Complexe Desjardins have a lot of custom from nearby office workers. And it is a short trip by métro to Jean-Talon or Atwater markets (in opposite directions) or many eating and drinking places.

( :@)) :@)) ) #48

Yes, I went to that IGA several times. Only a couple of minutes on foot from my lodging (“M Montreal”). I also went to Jean-Talon a few times, but only once to Atwater. I got day passes so zipping around on the metro is easy.

Love the (super)markets in Quebec. Even small shops have decent stuff AND lots of craft beer.

Walked away with my box of Péché Mortel like it’s nothing! (the bottles survived the trip home)

Four night trip to Montreal - feedback please!!

Thank you so much @Captcrunch for this amazing treatise! Starting to plan a trip to Montreal at the end of March and this is incredibly helpful.