Mexican flan recipe?

My recipe is time honored Filipino recipe. Never tried cream cheese as it is not available in the Philippines. This flan is served as it is or it can be sliced up, can be used as topping for another favorite recipe called halo halo ( halo halo means mix) .This is a mixture of whatever sweet one likes, I like mine with sago pearl ( tapioca pearl), ube ice cream ( purple yam), macapuno ( hybrid or sport of coconut ), nota de coco ( coconut that has been fermented which is chewy and gelatinous ) , sweet beans ,plantain that has been cooked in sweet syrup , jackfruit etc. Evaporated milk ( would be great with regular milk as we do to have milk other than evaporated milk) is added with crushed ice . Great during hot summer months.

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you should have enough caramel to coat the top and side of your flan but there will be some caramel left in the pan after you unmold . These 2 pictures will show what I mean
I never bother to save that unless I am short of caramel sauce, which can be remedied by adding a small amount of water, heat it and perhaps add cream to be served on the side. Here is typically how much caramel I have when I unmold.


If you follow the amount of sugar I used, there will be hardened caramel left on the pan but as you see, I had enough sauce.

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Plenty of sugar but not dark enough. Nice removal from pan but final custard also very light in color. Chilling for later. I don’t plan to remake the caramel sugar today but I will know for next time. Other than sharpening egg separation skills I like this simple recipe; no cream cheese in this vers.

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Here’s what I did with half the leftover egg whites. Not pretty but the gang will be surprised.


There is no caramel sauce?
I remember the recipe for caramel sauce calls for 1 cup sugar and 1/3 cup water but I did state I double the recipe (2 cups sugar and 2/3 cup water) so I will have more sauce in case I mess up.
I did post the picture of the left over hardened caramel in my baking pan, did not see it, upload it again but apparently, naf removed the 2 pictures ( she sent me a notice)
I love your use of left over egg white, .
When my husband was with us since he has gluten enteropathy ( rip), I would save the egg white and make another egg dessert which is called Brazo de Mercedes,a traditional Filipino meringue roll with a custard filling typically dusted with powdered sugar.
Brazo de Mercedes means the arm of Mercedes .
This is a recipe you can follow but I often feel I do not have enough meringue, so I usually use 10 eggs and 12-15 egg white for this recipe
You might like it . Very much in keeping with holiday if you dress it up.
I guess off topic or too many pictures? sorry about that !frowning_face:

Forgot about the cream cheese. Maybe that’s why mine was denser than I like. Next time maybe 6 eggs and no cream cheese.

Sorry - this should have said richer custard.

To cut back the density, reduce or eliminate the cream cheese, and if it’s still too dense, the condensed milk.

More yolks and cream will give you a creamier, richer texture.

FYI when I was testing flan recipes, I scaledback the recipes so I could try smaller batches while varying the texture.

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Looks really good - not like my first flan!

Gorgeous, @ccj!

If I have time I’ll give the c sauce a 2nd try using your measurements. THe recipe I followed was diff. But we have other treats on the sweet side so I was just going to serve the custard as is.

I appreciate the help everyone.

Me too!

Second go with some advice from my tribe.

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Ok this time the caramel was right but a bit stuck to the bottom of the pan. Needed a nudge. The caramel amount was enough though to also coat the top as it bubbled up during baking. Slices nicely. Made in a glass pan this time without a water bath. This one tasted better than the first but isn’t as pretty.

Now I’m flan-d out!

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I didn’t know exactly by the name Mexican flan, but checked the recipe and is the French crème caramel. I had a bottle of fresh milk that I needed to get rid of, thanks for the inspiration of this thread, made it tonight.

Crème brulée at the bottom! :rofl::joy:

Not too bad for a first try. Creamy, silky and light. No particular visible bubbles problem. I followed exactly the recipe, used 8 eggs.



Is there way to avoid the hard caramel in the bottom? A lot of waste, maybe because I’m slow.

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was advised to send personal message

no, I have always have caramel left on the bottom using 1 cup granulated sugar and 2/3 cup water with my recipe of 10 egg yolks and a can of ev mil, a can of condensed milk. I have tried less sugar and water ( 1/2 h20 and 1/3 cup water) but worry I will not have enough caramel to go over the top and side as well as have some to spoon over.
As Julia Child stated , sugar is cheap.

I’m sorry what are you trying to say?