Looking for suggestions for the Hudson Valley

Ahhhh, We had a perfect meal tonight at Ship to Shore in Kingston. Seafood Mac and Cheese, amazing bread from a local bakery ( https://www.deisings.com/) and a wonderful shrimp appetizer. We sat outside on a quiet street across from the harbor.

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yay! I’m glad you liked this place, I went there all the time when I lived in Woodstock. It’s so cool–the place was originally owned by a German couple, who ran it for decades. When they were going to retire, the folks who own it now didn’t want to see it close so they took it over and asked the German couple to stay on for six months and teach them the recipes. It’s really a treasure of a place.

Well, today is our last day in the Hudson Valley and we have three places to share. For the best cookie, and we tried more than 20 bakeries in our 3 weeks here, we loved Under the Nose. Its literally under the Vromans Nose hiking trail, where after a 40 minute hike up you are rewarded with a fabulous view. We had a s’mores and a chocolate chip and they were fabulous, the fudge was pretty good also.

Best restaurants, 3 - Garvans where we sat out in the yard and ate duck and short rib. Ship to Shore in Kingston where after dinner we walked the dock - we had a fabulous seafood mac and cheese and the best bread which they say they get from Deisings. And finally Le Canard Enchaine in KIngston.

We also found Todaro’s Salumeria, 5344 NY-23, Windham, NY 12496 were we got a good salami, some prosciutto and a few cheeses.
On the bakery side also happy to recommend Delightful Bites by Nina, 597 Main St, Cairo, NY 12413.

We are headed to Williamburg VA and will report in.


Sorry I missed this thread entirely but adding a few suggestions in case anyone else is headed up to the area. We are usually in the region a few times a year and these have been our recent faves.

Red Onion - Saugerties - Home | The Red Onion (redonionrestaurant.com) We have been here a number of times over the years. Nice, upscale food.

Tinker Taco Lab - Woodstock - Tinker Taco Lab - Home - Woodstock, New York - Menu, Prices, Restaurant Reviews | Facebook - Tiny place with kind of weird hours but the tacos are delicious and cool little spot overlooking the stream.

Woodstock Brewing - Not in Woodstock but closer to Phoenicia - WOODSTOCK BREWING (drinkwoodstock.com) Food is OK, but the beers are good. Fun to sit outside and have a beer and some fries.

Catskill Pines - THE PINES (catskillpines.com) Small menu but very tasty and changes frequently.

I’ll try to think of other places in the region.


I keep seeing Le Canard Enchaine on Opentable’s top restaurants in the HV list, but the menu disappoints m, especially when looking for Canard dishes. They have duck liver page and a half roasted duck. For a restaurant with that name, I figured they’d at least have duck breast. And no duck items on the lunch menu.

Your mention of Williamsburg caused me to look up The Trellis, which had been owned by Marcel Desaulniers. Sadly, he sold in 2009 and the restaurant closed last year.

I would have been thrilled to see that on a menu!

We just did a couple days in the Phoenicia region. Another suggestion for the list, https://www.shandakeninn.com/. We were there for burger night which was awesome.

Also, Phoenicia diner is a staple (go early or late). Sweet sues has been open and closed for years but now looks fully closed.

We had another excellent meal at the red onion too. Love that place.


Yes, I know I’m replying to myself (again) but we are up here this weekend so wanted to refresh the post while it’s still on my mind.

Sweet Sues is very permanently closed (good intel from the store across the street). Doesn’t sound like it will be another restaurant, at least not anytime soon.

We had a fantastic dinner at Silva in Woodstock https://www.silviawoodstockny.com/. Great cocktails, nice vibe, great food. Lots of vegan and veggie options. We actually selected 2 vegan things that were fantastic (mushroom pate as a starter and a vegan cheesecake).

And while chatting up a store owner we learned about a place that opened up that is super cool. Urban Cowboy. We only had cocktails as we have plans already for dinner tonight but sounds like a complete and total renovation. It is a few cabins, restaurant and bar. The place is huge. https://www.urbancowboy.com/


Thanks for updating the thread!

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