[London, Ontario] take-out

Good quality and generous Cantonese take-out from Congee Chan tonight.


I ordered from Meesai Thai in Byron yesterday. Overall, a great experience.
I ordered the grilled beef ribs, salad rolls with shrimp, massaman eggplant veg curry, basil beef stir fry and shrimp Pad Thai. The basil beef was a corn starch sauce type which seems to be standard in London whenever I order it. $95 including tax, before tip.

I like the drier pad kra pao type served at Toronto’s BKK, NaNa, Pai and KSR more.

I would order the other dishes again.

I want to try Sai Thai’s pad.kra pao.https://www.saithaichef.net/

We enjoyed the pork katsu, tempura and 3 rolls from Gozen in Oakridge. It’s run by Koreans. The food is affordable and fresh. It is mid-range.

As far as I know, Shiki is still the only Japanese restaurant run by a Japanese family in London. I haven’t ordered from there in ages, might have to revisit this year.

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One of the 2 Greek clubs in London offers take-out on select Thursdays. For every 4 meals they sell, they donate a meal to the homeless. They feed around 200 homeless people at one of the shelters a few times a year.

In addition to the Moussaka, chicken souvlaki, Spanakopita, Dolmades and salad in the photos above, I ordered Tiropita, extra potatoes and baklava. Generous portions.

Better tasting food than a couple of the Greek restaurants in London. I’m not crazy about their rice, which was part of the family combo dinner, so I might do all à la carte rather than a family combo another time, or ask them to hold the rice.

Greek Canadian Community Centre of London on Sarnia Road’s IG profile


We enjoyed a pretty good Tom Kha Kai, Pad See Eww and Golden Curry from Thai Cuisine on Gainsborough Road. Fairly limited menu.

I like Meesai’s, the Thai place in Byron, a little more overall.

Vegetable Pad See Ew (stir-fried rice noodles)

I still haven’t tried Sai Thai Chef on Wharncliffe South. Hope to try it in May.


Very nice take-out from Sagi in Wortley Village. This small restaurant inside an old house was packed. Very popular for after work drinks. I was surprised to see many people my age. This never happens in London, ON. This is where the 35-65 yo set are going for nice dinners. Sagi

I phoned the restaurant to place the order and it was ready in 50 minutes.

I ordered the fried noodles with shrimp and chicken, pork pad kra pao / holy basil pork, and lemongrass salmon.
Banana-leaf wrapped Lemongrass salmon. The salmon was cooked perfectly. Usually, take-out salmon has been overcooked in my past 4 years of take-out in London, so this was happy surprise. $34

Stir-fried noodles with chicken and shrimp (not sweet like many Canadian Pad Thais, but also not saucy or heavy on the soy sauce like many Pad See Ewws, very good) $27 Cdn

They call this Holy Basil, with the option of pork, tofu, chicken or shrimp, it’s Pad Kra Pao :slightly_smiling_face: $24 Cdn, upgrade for shrimp

Everything was great and portions were generous.

Sagi is serving pad kra pao how I like it. Sagi is a contemporary continental restaurant with several Thai dishes. They’re doing better renditions of the pad kra pao than at any of the 4 Thai restaurants I’ve visited, where I’ve ordered it!

I also got a Wortley maki/ roll to go at Roll Roll, also in Wortley Village. I will be back to order more rolls another time. I liked it better than most places I’ve tried in London. (Plaza, Gozen, Tanakaya most recently)

At Sunningdale and Richmond, in a newly opened strip plaza , there’s a new Japanese restaurant called Hanabi, mostly focused on rolls and noodles. I was also happy with their take-out sushi recently.


Lovely Turkish breakfasts at The Capppa in Hyde Park. It’s possible to order online.


Take-out fish, shellfish, lobster mac & cheese from Kipp’s Lane.

I probably won’t order the Lobster Mac & Cheese in the future, as it’s a little too rich for me. I wanted to give it a try.

Decent futomaki, California roll and scallop nigiri from Plaza Sushi’s downtown location on Richmond St.

Plaza Sushi is probably my 2nd favourite place for sushi in London right now.

Roll Roll in Wortley Village (take-out only) is my favourite.


I picked up shrimp Hakka chow mein and mixed vegetables Manchurian at Hakka Chinese Kitchen tonight.

It was my 3rd visit. The people are nice. Generous portions. A bit less salty than Congee Chan, the other place I frequent which is Cantonese rather than Hakka.

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Full rack of pork back ribs with original sauce

and half rack of side ribs with hickory sauce

from Smokin’ Joe’s at Dundas E and Clark Rd in London.

We also ordered the Caesar salad and fries as included sides, and BBQ beans, and an extra cole slaw. Small cole slaws are included with the mains.

Very good. I like the ribs better than others I’ve tried at Camp 21 in Paris ON, and the place in Langton, ON.

Nice people. Small place with a few tables. It’s possible to order online.


I stopped by Western Meats on Southdale, which is a butcher shop with a grill. I bought meat today, but I will be back to try their burger and cheesesteak from their grill. They also have Montreal smoked meat sandwiches and pulled pork sandwiches. Take-out only, no tables or seats.

I am comparing the California Rolls and Futomaki around London these days.
From Tanakaya at the Market, 130 King St.

From Plaza Sushi on Richmond St near Dufferin.