London, lunch for one

Noooo! Is Communion Bar still open in the basement? It’s one of my favourite cocktail for their guiness based cocktails and pineapple wine!

Namak Mandi

Dark, friendly and good. Chapli kebab was ok but I don’t know what it should have been like - a piece of grilled, chopped lamb the size of a side-plate served with a decent amount of fresh salad and good, fresh naan style bread. Cumin flavoured and served with a catering mild chilli sauce and a yoghourt cumin sauce.

Interesting, unbelievably cheap (£6) but not a candidate for the hall of fame.

Nearby, Dawat was good at a recent outing: excellent Nihari, good bread, clean and friendly.


I really enjoyed this. I don’t think the food was amazing, it just worked well. Bread was generous, crusty and served with plenty of olive oil, tortilla was good but watery rather than runny, grilled lettuce could perhaps have been more grilled, the salmorejo sauce a little polished, the Iberico ham simply excellent. Del Duque amontillado superb. I shall return and I wonder if I will like it as much next time.

I really liked my lunch at Iberica. The confit of cod with grapes and olives was really good. Post here if you’re interested.

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold