Loading a full thread for offline reading

Has anyone figured out a way to load a thread completely for reading offline, e.g., during a flight? I tried to scroll all the way down on my phone so all the posts are downloaded. However, this takes a long time and often gives errors when I go to read it later.

After searching, I read that I might be able to accomplish this by RSS. I can download an RSS program for my phone. If this is indeed possible, if I am viewing a thread, what do I do then? Copying and pasting the address – say Dinner suggestion for party of 5. – doesn’t work.

So looks like if I append .rss to Do you still post on Chowhound? I can get it loaded in an RSS reader: https://www.hungryonion.org/t/do-you-still-post-on-chowhound/3999.rss

Unfortunately, that loads only a fraction of posts. Is there a setting that could be changed to allow RSS to load everything?

Also, I have an add-on for my web browser that lets me disable JavaScript features for a website. It speeds up a lot of sites. I used to use it on CH all the time, but it won’t work there since they revamped the site. That’s one think I like about HO: I can browse really fast and then enable JavaScript only when I want to post.

However, disabling JavaScript also loads only a fraction of posts and then requires you to click “Next Page”. Loading long threads is still time consuming. However, I don’t get any browser errors when offline viewing pages this way.

Yeah, this will be useful for me…too

@hungryonion Actually I don’t know the reason, loading HO pages on my phone is extremely slow and a painful experience, Many times error in connection, or saying server doesn’t exist. I thought it was my connection, then I tried other websites, they worked fine.

I am pretty sure there is no good way to load all the posts. The developer’s own forum has a few people asking about the same thing you are asking and the developer is not working on this feature in the short term. In the long term I think they are thinking about an offline feature where you can read and write posts offline.

So if one find a way around it, it is going to be a hack.

No phone issue for me. Can you go to https://meta.discourse.org/ and see if its just as problematic over there?

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