Lim's, Von's, more Bon Chon - KFC for Houston

Bonchon has opened in Sugar Land, just off 59/69, just inside 6.

They’re in a ‘soft opening’ phase for another week. The place was packed. It did seem like a lot of people were getting things off the menu other than fried chicken…

The smallest wing order is 10 pcs, smallest drumsticks is 6; I got the smallest combo, 6 wing pieces, 3 drums, plus ice cold pickled radish (very good).

I got the soy-garlic flavor, not seeing the option of mixing with spicy until after I paid. Looked like it was going to be a very messy meal but the provided napkins were very sturdy and I only used one, amazingly.

Some bites were very salty, from the soy. The coating was a little syrupy and I thought there was a hint of honey???

Very good; It’s been so long it’s hard to compare but I think I would still place Dak & Bop and Hoodadak over this. I think I would have preferred a little more subtle touch with the saucing.

Dang Hoodadak for being so thoughtless as to put their store so far from me.

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I haven’t been to Dak & Bop, but I agree about Hoodadak being better. Still Bonchon is pretty good and it’s location right on the freeway in Katy is convenient while Hoodadak is stuck way back in the hood. Sugar Land will love it. I will pass it on. Thanks.


According to da Press, Von’s has opened on Long Point @ Wirt. Good reviews on the food but complaints about long waits and service.

The first location in Texas was in Killeen???

Apparently each location sets up it’s own website and this one doesn’t seem to have one yet but there are pictures of the small menu on Yelp. They also do roast chicken and there’s a full bar. I think I may have to make it over there just to try the onion rings

(from Yelp)


Well, I just came across a mention of this on 13 and came here to post about it, only to discover someone named brucesw already had, and completely forgot about it.

HAH! I’m not senile yet, but check back with my caretakers around the end of next week for an update.



Long Point eh? I’ll check it out.