Let's Start a Feeding Frenzy! And a Little Get-to-Know-You Survey

(Connie) #83

Indeed! It’s so adorable when they do! :joy:


Thanks for the idea, Connie. I’ve been assuming that the Dutch Oven technique is a substitute for having a steam convection oven so it wouldn’t likely produce better results than my steam convection oven, but it’s worth a try!

(Connie) #85

You’re welcome! I’ve tried making bread in a commercial Rational oven once and I actually liked the bread I made with the dutch oven method in a home convection oven better. :scream: (One caveat, I made french bread with instant yeast in the Rational and sourdough bread in the dutch oven, so comparing two types of bread, but still.) My theory is that the dutch oven is a confined space, so the steam from the loaf is enough. Let me know how it goes! Good luck! :slight_smile:

(Gary Soup) #86

Since you are a vegetarian, I’m guessing they won’t end up as fur coats or in the kitchen of an Argentinian restaurant.

(Connie) #87

LOL :joy: No, indeed. I get free pettings everyday, so no fur coats necessary. I imagine someday in the future they will take chinchilla DNA and simply grow their fur in a lab. I’d be okay with that, kind of like how I’m down for some Impossible Burger! :yum:


Hi! I live in Berkeley. I have a massive burrito hankering (usually sated at La Mission close to home, Farolito if I’m in the city but I’m open to suggestions), a longstanding appreciation for Laotian food (grew up in Wisconsin which, believe it or not, has a fair amount of it!), and am an unrepentant chili-head known to get into stare-downs with waiters about the spice level of vindaloo. I’m relatively new to the Bay Area and am sometimes in a state of neck-whiplash from all the crazy food options. To counteract the effects of constant grazing, I’m a fairly serious bicyclist and hiker and am planning a European bike tour for next summer (matjes herring! all the different kinds of mustard! mustamakkara!). I’d really like to get a good handle on the pozole situation out here, and I’m still looking for somewhere with phaal.

(maria ascarrunz) #89

Welcome! to HO and the Bay Area! i can’t give you opinions on burritos, as I’m a taco gal (although the BF is a huge fan of Taqueria Cancun), but i’m sure others will chime in.

as for posole, i’ve not tried it here, but i’ve had a number of other really good dishes here, including their some of their caldos, so i’d bet they’d make a good one. check the Caldos/Soups listing - posole is their special of the day Thursdays.


A couple of weeks ago, I had a vindaloo at work. Its was barely hot, and I didn’t have to drink a single drop of water to finish it. It was ridiculous. Maybe I should get into stare-downs with the cook who made that stuff…

Welcome! How did you find us?

Berkeley and East Bay was great for cycling. When I lived there in my younger days, after work I used to ride up to the steam train and then bombed down the hill (well, its not quite steep enough to do that really) and sometimes had a burrito afterwards. And the good old days of riding all over East Bay hills during the weekend. Where are you planning for next year?


La Mission is great, especially the carnitas and posole. Welcome.


Thanks! Yeah, I’ve eaten several excellent carnitas burritos there, haven’t had the pozole yet.

Plan for the bike tour so far is Amsterdam>Groningen>Berlin and then flying or taking a ferry to Helsinki and spending a week or two there (I took Finnish language classes in college and am curious to see how I do).


Also excellent is the posole at Gallegos on San Pablo a couple of blocks south of University. They use much more meat (both chicken and pork) as La Mission. It’s only available on weekends, but I went a couple of Saturdays ago and they had already sold out. I think I’ll try again tomorrow.


I did stop in at Gallegos today, and again they were out of posole. They said I’d probably have to come back on a Friday, because the dish is popular and sells out quickly.

(Gary Soup) #95

Haven’t had it, but Mayuri in Santa Clara has Phaal on the menu (chicken, lamb and shrimp versions). They also have Desi Chinese and other fusion dishes on the menu.


I always enjoyed the green pozole from El Pipila at Off the Grid: Fort Mason Center. They now have stalls at both the Hall and at the Market on Market in SF.


(Jim Howard) #96

Okay, been lurking here for a while. Have a bit of down time this week, so I’ve registered.

Here are my answers to the post’s questions:
Live in Sausalito
That’s a tough one, but if I had to pick just one, I’d say barbecue.
Learn more about? Always looking for great hole-in-the-wall places to try.
Ask ME about? hmmm. I’m a pretty knowledgeable home cook and have worked professionally in the restaurant/bar/food business for quite a long time.

(maria ascarrunz) #97

Welcome, JSH!

are you still working in the biz?

as a pro, i’d be curious to know your favorite hole-in-the-wall places in the City. i do reviews for Mission Local (an online site) and started out doing only hole-in-the-walls/old school/mom-and-pop places, but demand dictated i add in some new, higher scale places. it’s all good, i love them all.

hope you get a chance to participate now that you’ve joined.


Jim- a warm welcome! We don’t hear much about Sausalito, North Bay and bbq here so if you find any good places to eat, we’d love to hear about them!

BTW, what’s your favorite bbq around the Bay?

Curious, how did you find this site?


Simple, convince the editor to let you review Californios, Lazy Bear and pay for them!

(maria ascarrunz) #100

haha - i DID review Californios, and she did pay for it! and Lazy Bear is being discussed now.


They got another star now- time for a re-review!


I read your Californios review. All that vitriol for reviewing an expensive restaurant… :sweat_smile: I understand all the gentrification concerns, but whew…!

That reminds me of the food blogger who writes for the small weekly in my town. She gets a lot of flak in the comment section whenever she writes about expensive restaurant openings.