Let's Jam Cafe - Mongolian in the Tenderloin (SF)

Any reports? They have buuz (dumplings), Tsuivan (Mongolian noodles), Huushuur (fried meat pies), goulash, Russian-looking things and American breakfast items.

They’re on Geary across from Shakedown, the newish ice cream shop with inventive flavors and house made buckwheat ice cream cones.

842 Geary St
San Francisco, CA 94109
(510) 387-7131

Interesting find. It apparently started out as a regular Western-style cafe, run by a couple of Moingolian women, and gradually added Mongolian dishes.

Here’s a good explanation of Mongolian “gulyash” and how it’s related to Hungarian goulash.


I went there today to check out the Tsuivan. Their version was disappointingly bland, and used noodles that had only been steamed. I’ll be back to check out some other dishes, though.

Here’s their whole Mongolian menu:

Thanks for taking the first plunge! That’s too bad about the noodles— the dumplings (photos at least) look promising for future visits.

@tm.tm mentioned in the Asian Grill thread that she couldn’t find find web links about charred versions of the noodles. Next person into Asian Grill should ask if that’s a typical preparation, or something the chef thought would be, and is, a good idea.

Have you been back?

I needed a quick breakfast In the TL, and got the noodles because the buuz take twice as long to cook. The $11 w/tax noodles were bland, as you said, and very oily. I enjoyed the chewiness, similar to chao bing, or a stretchier wheat tortilla. Meat was over cooked, carrots were just right.