La Choy - Chinese food for Midwestern white Moms

Also, in the other direction (south of Boston), the chow mein sandwich of Fall River (this local news program covers both sandwiches):


I never got the chow mein sandwich at the original Nathan’s Famous on Coney Island, but OTOH I never tried the frogs’ legs either. (Yes, they did have both on the menu.)


If you’re at Woodmans of Essex and not eating clams you’re out of your mind…


!!! Why else does one find oneself in Essex? We (NorCals) made it a point to loop through the area to be at Woodman’s for lunch. Heaven.


You are correct! I was meaning the large chain places rather than the independent drive-ins that were cooking food to order in a quick manner. Then I remembered we had an Arctic Circle, and I think a Dairy Queen too, which fit the chain definition. But yes, I think through history, every culture has had their version of fast (and portable) foods. Yes, no comparing the delicious tastes of the mom & pop burgers, fresh fries, and milkshakes made with ice cream. Oh and onion rings!
In n Out Burger reminds me the most of those tastes, at least with the burgers. Fries, no.


I worked for Arctic Circle Drive-In when I was in high school, in Central Oregon. I thought their food was the best fast food anywhere. In fact, after I married and moved away? We started giving out free tacos for Halloween here in central California. I wanted to use the Arctic circle recipe that they did for taco wednesdays. I found my old boss and took her notes, then rounded it out and nailed it. You can smell them for blocks. We still do it! I miss old school Arctic Circle.


Nor would I-

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Appian Way pizza was one of the Friday standards (Catholic no meat Fridays) in my house growing up. Does anybody remember if that oh-so-easy-to-make crust was any good at all by current standards? I liked it, but in the '60s we didn’t have much, if anything, in the way of pizza places.

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