Kunya Siam [Atlantic Highlands, NJ]


Fantastic job!

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I’m glad you guys had a great meal. I’m a big fan of Kunya’s food and she such a sweet heart! Nice pics Greg.


Hi Greg: Yes, we met during the 5:15 seating!!


Last night’s meal:

Crispy fried beef with hot sauce and pickled veggies

Grilled eggplant topped with minced chicken, red onion, shrimp, mint, and a spicy dressing

Justin’s tamarind chicken. I’ve never been at this place and drunk at the same time, but I imagine this would be the best drunk food on the planet

Sinister spice levels on this Pad Prik Khing. Most people order spice level based on their star system from 1-3 (3 being hottest) but Kunya took our order and gave me a special blast between 4 and 5 stars. It was lethal. I was dripping and practically gasping, but oh so good.

Washed down with this wine which my mom brought back from a trip to North Carolina. It wasn’t bad for a touristy novelty wine.


All looks/sounds delicious, and you did what you’re supposed to do–eat spicy food in hot weather, and follow it up with ice cream! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Finally made it here! Got the penang curry, garlic beef, pad thai and a tofu eggplant dish.

Everything was exploding with flavor and everyone agreed the food was bangin. 20 bucks per entree, factor in BYO and generous portion sizes and it’s all good at the end of the day. I’m a big fan!

Went to Nicholas creamery after. Not blown away by any of the flavors.


Big thanks to @gcaggiano for posting about this place. We had a Thai craving and now being in Holmdel we are closer (and less annoying drive) to Atlantic Highlands. Called at 430 for a 530 reservation and I think got the last table. The entire place was filled by 6!! Everything was super fresh, beautifully prepared and thoughtful. Can’t wait to come back. We now know to request that awesome front garden table!


Siam duck and whole snapper. Everything was delicious, but will note a few things:

Duck was not temp hot enough - asked them to rewarm, problem solved.

Snapper on its own was a bit one note sweet for me. These dishes are rated 2 and 1* spicy and basically had zero spice.

Which brings me to the last point… they don’t bring you chili condiments unless you ask. The chili fish sauce in particular for me is practically mandatory on the fried fish! With that addition and the addition of ground chili to the duck curry all was well. 28 for duck and 30 for fish I think. Really generous size fish for the price I’ll say, it can probably feed 2 people.


We had not been to Kunya Siam Thai since 2022. Yesterday’s weather being perfect for outdoor dining, we made the 40-minute trip to Atlantic Highlands for a mid-afternoon lunch in the garden.

We started with two appetizers: Spring Rolls and Pak-Mor (Steamed Dummplings). For mains, Mr. R. had Kee-Mao Beef, and I had the Coffee Duck which comes with a side salad and rice.

Everything we had was expertly prepared and delicious. Service was pleasant and efficient.

Kunya is well worth the 40-minute ride.

Photo on my Flickr here: Kunya Siam Thai | Flickr


I never knew this place existed! How does it rank in your Mexican restaurant tier list?

I presume you mistakenly typed Mexican instead of Thai?! So, in answer to your question…

Bangkok Bistro, in Manalapan, is 5 minutes from our house. Because we didn’t know about it before the pandemic, and they don’t have outdoor seating, we’ve only done take-out. (During the cold weather months, it’s on our take-out rotation.) While the food is tasty, I feel take-out is never quite the same as when the food is eaten in the restaurant, i.e., fresh from the kitchen. So, I can’t really judge it fairly against Kunya which we also discovered during the pandemic but have always been able to eat there in the garden (much too far for take-out).

I must have gone insane when I responded to you because I have been to Kunya Siam a few times now! Haha I must have gotten my wires crossed. I really enjoy Kunya.

I probably had another tab open with someone talking about Mexican food. Oh I remember now. XD sorry to waste your time!

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Glad you’ve been to Kunya and like it.

Not a waste of my time since your mistake did give me a chance to tell you about Bangkok Bistro. If you try it sometime, I’d love to hear what you think of it.

I have a friend in that area who loves thai,I’ll check it out with her and report back! Her favorite is thai thai I think.

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We used to go to Thai Thai, in Old Bridge, more than 20 years ago. At that time, they were the only Thai restaurant in our area. Since we ate there quite a few times, we must have liked the food. It’s about a 15-minute drive from our house. Maybe I’ll consider doing take-out sometime.

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