[Kota Bharu, Malaysia] Best Hainanese coffee in town at Kuan Heong Huan

Kuan Heong Huan near the Kota Bharu Presbyterian church serves what many Kota Bharu residents deemed the best Hainanese-style coffee in town. They do it straight and keep it simple: roasted Hainanese coffee beans (which usually consists of 60% coffee beans, 36% sugar and 4% butter).

The typical Hainanese breakfast of Hainanese coffee, kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs here is done very, very well - and at a fraction of the price we pay at Killiney Road or Yakun in Singapore for exactly the same stuff, minus the ambience & character one finds in abundance in Kota Bharu.

Hainanese coffee - aromatic and robust, don’t stir if you don’t want it too sweet as there is usually some sweetened condensed milk at the bottom of your cuppa.

Kaya (egg jam) spread of toasted hand-cut bread:

Soft-boiled eggs, taken with a dash of light soy-sauce as in Penang, Ipoh & other parts of Malaysia and Thailand, but with dark soy-sauce in Singapore, and a generous shake of pepper. Most customers also like to dip their kaya toasts into the soft-boiled eggs for a sweet-savoury treat:

Kuan Heong Huan
3956 F Jalan Che Su
15000 Kota Bharu, Kelantan
Tel: +609-744 6819


This rather simple, spartan coffeeshop got into the limelight recently when the Kelantanese Crown Prince chose to have breakfast there with his new bride:

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