Jian Bing / Dan Bing options in the Bay Area? [SF Bay Area]

Well, that was quick! Do they have new menus, or just the old ones with a few things crossed out?

The menu is the same; when you order an item - they say they don’t make it now.

When did you try to order it? The “B04” and a number of other items could well be breakfast only, or weekend only items.

I’d love to be there for breakfast to see what they have, but there’s no way I’m going to get from Russian Hill to 35th and Balboa for breakfast. I still congratulate myself for once getting to Shanghai House before noon on a Saturday for the (excellent) xian doujiang.

I was there for a midweek breakfast - early.

According to Eater’s guide to Off the Grid’s 2017 Fort Mason vendor lineup, Tai Chi Jianbing will be a regular vendor there.

I can’t even imagine the waiting time in line for a jian bing there._