January openings and closings Boston MA

Make that third: Manoa on Beacon Street right on the Som/Camb line, and Pokeworks on Elm St in Davis are open.

Does anyone remember what happened when three fro-yo shops opened in Davis rapidly? That’s right: they all closed.

I’m a little worried about that too. Pokeworks right in Davis is a chain that I think will play well there; “poke burritos” are really trendy right now and plenty got ordered when I went. The ahi poke bowl we got was okay but not outstanding.

Manoa was quite good when I tried it and had other Hawaiian offerings; they feel much more like the real thing to me so they’re probably doomed. I’ll look into Poke City some time if they last long enough.

Sadly I think Pokeworks is the most likely sole survivor of any poke wars. “Fast-casual” chains seem to be the Boston area’s food future.

Thanks for the correction; I forgot about Manoa. I was underwhelmed by Pokeworks - the food was okay (I have nothing to compare it to, being a poke novice), but the ambience is terrible. Uncomfortable communal tables, harsh lighting, and general rushed feeling about it. I might get take out at some point, but will likely not return to eat in. Has anyone tried any of these?

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