Italian food and drink in the [Greater Toronto Area]

I might try Viaggio next

Ah. Grano. *Sigh *


We went out to a family dinner at the Price St. location of Terroni. The place was packed and the service was chaotic, with various mistakes (dishes forgotten about, glasses of wine long overdue). The food remains excellent however.

We shared 3 glasses of wine:

  • Ribolla Gialla Riserva Collio DOC, Primosic, Friuli-Venezia Giulia - orange wine, pleasant, a hint of butterscotch, not that strong.
  • 2022 Outis Etna Bianco DOC, Biondi, Sicilia (Carricante 90%, Cataratto 5%, Minnella 5%) - mineral and some bitterness.
  • 2018 Faro DOC, Biondi, Sicilia (Nerello Mascalese) - cherries and smoke.

We shared a bunch of antipasti for the whole table:

  • Bread and olive oil

  • Frittura di Calamari - lightly fried, not oily [no picture]

  • Carpaccio di Manzo - thinly sliced beef, arugula, Parmesan shavings, lemon juice, EVOO - simple and lovely

  • Farinata con le Barbabietole - chickpea pancake, roasted beets, heirloom carrots, ricotta salata, arugula, watercress, sunflower sprouts, pistachios, mint - one of our favourites, combining sweet, nutty, and some bitterness.

  • Tagliere Mezzo e Mezzo - olives, jam, honey, cheese, salami, prosciutto and mortadella - decent, if nothing special.

  • Funghi Assoluti - breadcumbed oyster mushrooms, Parmesan, arugula, and balsamic - even more crisp than usual.

They were featuring many Sicilian specials, so we went with two of these instead of ordering off the main menu:

  • Tonnarelli N’duja e Burrata - chitarra spaghetti, n’duja sausage, cherry tomato sauce, fresh burrata, toasted breadcrumbs - al dente pasta, tangy sauce, and creamy burrata; perhaps our favourite.

  • Tonno ai Pistacchi con Caponata - albacore tuna encrusted with pistachio, olives, capers, eggplant, tomato, red wine vinegar, and pine nuts - the richness of the seared tuna was well-balanced by the acid and salt of the other ingredients.

Getting a little full, we shared the Tris di Dolci: 1) panna cotta with raspberry compote, 2) caffè mousse, with salted caramel crunch (seemed like chocolate mousse with crunchy chocolate balls on top), 3) limone mousse, with sweet vanilla crumble (or cubed cookies) - enjoyable but not remarkable.


Nothing overly spectacular, but always find their quality consistent.

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The chickpea pancake and tuna dishes really speak to me. Looks like time well spent.

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Enjoyed Porzia’s takeout tonight. I called ahead. Classico Lasagne ($26), calamari ($26), citrus, olive and herb salad ($14).
I will be back to try more
319 Oakwood.


I tried monte Bianco on bloor West recently via delivery
Very impressed with the
Mafalde All’aragosta
Mafalde pasta, lobster, oyster mushrooms, mascarpone cheese, in rose sauce. Loaded with lobster meat and lots of mushrooms.

Arancini with asparagus was quite good as well.
Will try other items soon as repeat for moi.


La Bella Sangweech at 584 College is new. I haven’t tried it. My friend liked it. 12 to 6 pm. Closed Mondays.

Bear Steak Sandwiches at 550 College, often lined up. 12 pm to 8 pm. Closed Mondays.

He also liked Aifam at 102 Harbord recently. 11 am to 8 pm. Closed Sundays.

I can’t handle deli meats or salami lately so I probably won’t be trying most of these sandwiches, unless I order the mozzarella and tomato sandwiches.


Tried La Bella Sangweech on College for the first time today, wanted to get some steps in and partially work off the heavy focaccia and toppings.

Got the Big Bella sandwich ($17) and shared it with my partner. Overall a pretty solid top 5 contender for the Italian sandwiches I’ve had in Toronto. Much larger than the picture makes it seem!

Too bad they have no seating inside. They have some room to be able to but I expect they want to keep the path to the speakeasy bar behind it clear? Ate it at a bench outside and found it hard to eat without a table.


Amano Italian Kitchen (in Union Station near York Concourse) has a $15 sandwich + side deal going on right now thru Apr 14 2024. Great value for those in the area or needing a quick bite - quite literally cheaper than a Big Mac combo from McDonald’s downstairs from it.

Not the best photo, but a past visit:

From their IG:

Sandwich menu:

Offer available on takeout & delivery orders placed directly through Amano Italian Kitchen (via until April 14, 2024. Must use code SW15 at checkout to redeem offer. Available on Sandwiches + Amano Fries Combos only. Excludes beverages, gift cards, catering orders and all other menu items.


I ordered the Carbonara and grilled rapini at Enoteca Sociale yesterday. They do take-out if you call it in by phone.
I haven’t had Carbonara in ages. I remember the version at L’Unita 15 years ago.

This version of Carbonara had perfectly al dente pasta. The guanciale was a little crispy, which added to the texture. The sauce was a little salty for me. I think I’ve become a cacio e pepe girl. :rofl:

Grilled rapini

The rapini and carbonara were a little over $39, including tax.

Enoteca Sociale will make alla gricia or carbonara by request, when it isn’t on the menu.

I was a little peckish, and it was before Sud Forno closes at 7 pm on a Saturday. I stopped by and picked up a panna cotta (around $6.50) and a slice of Torta Della Nonna (around $7/slice, custard and pine nuts ) Both were very good.

Sud Forno also has chocolate mousse, tiramisu, butterscotch budino and a lemon dessert available in verrines. They cost around $6.50 before tax. They are small, maybe 4 ounces/ 1/4 cup, whereas the Crème Caramel at Bakery Pompette must be half a cup.