It’s 2023 - What Are You Reading?

We very much enjoyed Last Tango in Halifax, and were then amazed to see Sarah Lancashire star as Julia Child. Granted, it might be difficult for you in the UK to take in the American cooking icon.

It’s only in recent days that I discovered she’d played Julia. I remember her early part in “Coronation Street” - a soap set near me - very lightweight, slightly humourous - a sort of “dizzy blond” character.

Last Tango was excellent - such a good cast. And set in the same area as Happy Valley - mainly the borough of Calderdale. Halifax is less than an hour from home.

Yes-- all four Tango leads. We’re big Nicola Walker fans, especially after learning her Cambridge “mother” was Sue Perkins who reportedly lost her bicycle

Nicola Walker has played a lot of cops in her career. Outstanding in “The Unforgotten”. The only time we’ve not enjoyed her performances was in “Annika” but that was much more about the improbability of the script and scenarios, than her actual acting.

I just finished season 7 of Shetland and figured it was the end of Perez. Maybe we will get a new series based on Ann Cleeves’ Two Rivers books. And yes, I am anxiously awaiting Happy Valley. I should probably watch season 1 & 2 again as it has been a long time and the memory fades.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand. I’ve been listening to the books on Audible, and know there is a podcast, but what is there to “see”?

She sure has gone after a lot of bad guys. We were charmed that beneath her easy grimness, she’s fun – see at about 5:50: