Is My Kitchen Rules fake or real?

Hello, I like tv show My Kitchen Rules. What do you think is it real or fake?

Hi Lorine, looks like that’s an Aussie show and the U.S. doesn’t have it shown here, although there was a U.S. version of it back in 2017 which Andrew Dice Clay (the deliberately offensive comedian from the late 1980s) as the ultimate winner.

if it is on TV, you can bet your bottom radish all/some/parts are scripted, rehearsed, outcome determined way before the ‘climax’

the further one goes into the ‘season’ the more fake it gets.

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@LindaWhit I’m binge watching it on Amazon prime.

So far I have watched most of the first 4 seasons, which for this series is a lot.

Not sure what “fake” means. I think these are real people (as opposed to animated), and I find it really entertaining, at least with regard to Australia and dinner parties and salt water crocodiles.

I assume there are producers at work.

But…does no one have a kitchen thermometer? Granted season 4 is circa 2014, but seriously.