Is it possible to cut the first piece of a pie intact? How?

I was having a difficult time envisioning why this would make a difference so did a YouTube search and saw ATK had a video explaining a similar technique.

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Welcome aboard !

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I’m kidding, really. A good pie I would suck through a straw.

Nevertheless, if you want a slice to plate well (and this is a nicety when playing Pie Solitaire), you should let it cool enough to hang together.

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Now that I’d pay to see !

Well, almost…these concretes with apple pie and cookie stuff are pretty delectable…

It can be done, and this company has risen to the challenge! :sweat_smile:

That first, busted up piece is extra for the cook. Being broken, all the calories fall out.


That’s the doohickey I tried to describe upthread.

I regularly forgot to put it insert the crust…and it only does a half-arsed job of getting the slice out easily

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