Is it ever ok to ask your host for salt and pepper?

Actually most (if not all) of the local fast food spots in my area have the salt, pepper, ketchup, etc out for customers to help themselves. Though now that I think about it I haven’t been to any of those places in a few years so perhaps post-Covid this has changed?

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Yeah, I think in high school McD’s would have salt and pepper shakers on the tables, but I haven’t seen those at any McD’s of late (can’t remember pre-Covid, but certainly not now).

Oh, I remember those weird black and white plastic shakers. I guess I’m getting so old I had forgotten.


These? :slight_smile:

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YES!!! Non-refillable, damage-proof. I seem to recall each table also had one of those cheap metal ashtrays.

Gawd, they bring back memories.

I went into a really old B-class high rise in NYC a while back and in the restroom had these pull out ashtrays.

Ah, the good old days …


:grin: :grin:

The first time I bought a new car that didn’t have an ashtray I was amazed by how much they would charge to put one in (hundreds of $ at least 20 years ago). I told them I could buy a Waterford ashtray for that price.


My ‘95 MZB (I bought in 1999) came without cup holders, imagine! I’ve done without all these years. Sometimes I buy an iced coffee and corral it in the front passenger seat.

I don’t think I can drive without a hot cup of coffee safely nestled by my side.

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Isn’t that what significant others are for?



My PIC jokes that his real name is “Hold this.”


My 2020 Skoda Karoq is the first car I’ve owned that’s had cup holders. Not that they’ve ever been used.

I’m not a photographer but I thought of doing a cool series of photos. My father was from Mississippi and they used “pocketbooks.” Older couples would go to department stores and the wife would have her husband hold the pocketbook while she tried on dresses. So, a series of men holding the pocketbooks.

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Americans can’t seem to live without them … thirsty bunch! Even kiddie cars and shopping carts have cup holders. Baby strollers.


Next thing you know cup holders will have cup holders.


My economy car has two of them at the center console. Hand sanitizer is in one of them and my sunglasses are in the other.

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Of course camping and sand chairs have them, even pool floats. Possibly strollers and prams by now, but I wouldn’t know for certain.

At McD they get stolen and filled with unidentified substances…not to mention never getting wiped down.

At a fine-dining theft is on the radar but not the main reason for their absence

Pretty much the only time I see what goes on in a fast food restaurant is by walking past them on my way to the bathroom at a highway rest stop. And there are bins of salt/pepper/ketchup right next to the straws and napkins - no need to ask.

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