Interested in ramping the Philadelphia board up?

Aw, really? Sounded to me like you’re a regular visitor, and at least have some insight into a few Chinatown places.

That said, if the only active folks are the same 2-3 peeps, well… that won’t get us anywhere.

We could always start a best cheesesteak thread…

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Go right ahead!

Sure. I like cheesesteak although I really not an expert in cheesesteak. Still, I will join.

And here it is: The Philly Cheesesteak: What is it and where's the best?

I’m interested!

What did management do? Moderation issues? Any idea where they went?

It was mod issues IIRC. Some went to eGullet. The rest…who knows?

Hmph. I just took a look and the last post was from October. So its also quiet. If the very few people who still visit there are interested we can always try to gather them here and attempt to ‘restart’.