I'm sorry, but ewwwwww

I’ve been to the Texas State Fair maybe ten times, but not in the last twenty years. They use to have ‘can day’ once a week. If you brought a can of food (like cheap vegetables) you got in free. We made the mistake of going then and believe me, you did Not want to be there on ‘can day’.

And yes, this is the TEXAS state fair. It’s hot that time of year.:slightly_smiling_face:


The general flavor profiles don’t seem outrageous, but the execution does. So much deep frying! So many different candies on that honey bun!
I did not grow up going to state fairs, so maybe I just don’t see the thrill of it all. But that horchata milkshake looks pretty darn good to me.

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I am still sad about not trying the deep fried butter when I visited the Iowa State Fair. I dunno, yeah, a lot of fair food is crap and pretty much all of it is pretty unhealthy. However, I was studying the Minnesota fair‘s menu offerings because my good friend is moving to St Paul and I am visiting next summer to go to the fair. This breakfast gnocchi sounds interesting……

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A bit rich, but I could see it. Definitely something to share.

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One new TX state fair food item that for some odd reason didn’t make it into the Top 10 is a pickle stuffed with fruit gushers, wrapped in a fruit roll-up and deep fried. The news guy didn’t say if it was a dill pickle or sweet pickle. Then again, does it really matter.