If you're a Craft Beer drinker, do you have a "go to"...

My go to session is Boat beer by carton brewing. They are local in central nj but I don’t drink it because it is near me. It is damn good beer that goes down smoothly at 4.2…monster flavor.

I love huge Ipas and drink a ton of them, but let’s face it, sometimes drinking high abv stuff can change your day lol. Try it if you can get your hands on it.

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Are those NewJersey mountains? And of course, now I know to ask which exit.

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That’s actually lake George in Ny…big fan.

I like live pale ale by souther tier as a good session pale.

If you can get any Maine beer company “mo” DO IT! This stuff is like god’s water. I would drink this all day if I could. It’s hard to get, not cheap and not that widely distributed.