"If only they sold....." - things you wish supermarkets carried

I shop @ ShopRite in CT. I wish they had more ethnic produce. They have a few Hispanic items but they are quite expensive. I would like to see more Asian produce.

If only they replaced my local supermarkets with Bangkok’s “Emporium.”


Or a food hall from a Tokyo department store. Along with a substantial wedge of cash of course.

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ah, yes.

Manhattan used to have a Takashimaya (I think two iterations of it); if only they had a depachika (basement food hall) back then…

Funny. I live in harlem and on the edge of a racially diverse neighborhood- there’s everything from yuca and plantains to daikon, whole coconuts, huge bushels of collard greens and kale and tons of peppers of any color and variety. All rather cheap too (for manhattan). More latin american/carribean/spanish than asian.
Baby carrots in a bag are really expensive and often not fresh. Grapes, mandarin oranges,cauliflower , fresh blueberries and asparagus don’t have a high turnover and are also more expensive than other stores.
Kind of odd but it’s certainly encouraged me to buy a wider variety of produce.

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr