Ideas for what to order at a bar when you don't want booze


I did this before I was ready to announce my pregnancy. I wanted to make it appear that I was drinking alcohol so I wouldn’t have to answer any questions. I’m a terrible liar!


Yes, some friends have told me the same thing.

My sister is expecting and won’t be drinking my homemade coquito at Christmas so I am making the pomegranate and orange peel fizz from the new Smitten Kitchen cookbook which calls for a simple syrup made with orange peel. It’s described like a negroni without booze - bitter and not too sweet. I’ll report back on this one!

(Greg Caggiano) #23

Something I would mix up for my friend who does not drink:

Can of seltzer, maybe an ounce or two of Rose’s Lime Juice, and a splash of juice from a jar of Maraschino cherries.

(John) #25

Shrubs are popular & trendy right now. They’re also delicious. They are typically mixed with sparkling water. All sorts of booze can be added but they’re very tasty without. Blueberry-Ginger is a common flavor. Shrubs are fruit syrups made with fruit, sugar & vinegar. Cider vinegar is the most common but I’ve had a Strawberry-Balsamic Shrub that was very good.