How do you make *your* coffee?

Anyone using an ECM Synchronika?

We have an ECM Classika.

Have you already tried Aeropress?

Thank you for replying. Do you like it? Why did you pick the Classika over the other ECM products?

First of all, I like it very much. And the reason for picking the Classika was mostly the price. I ordered it over the phone. When I told the store manager which one I wanted, he immediately spouted, “That’s the best machine I have.” This was five years ago.

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Thank you so much. I like the ECM products very much. May I ask which grinder you went with… and are you happy and if not which one you’d go with now?

Well, we had a Mazzer Mini. I had really wanted a Mazzer Mini E, the one that grinds directly into the portafilter. And that’s what the Dutch company I bought it from promised me. But they sent the normal Mazzer Mini. So when we upgraded our espresso machine, I also bought an ECM grinder, the S-Automatic 64. I figured, the Mazzer was 20 years old, it was time for an upgrade, and the ECM S-Automatic 64 grinds straight into the portafilter, just what I had wanted. Well, it was a fiasco. It grinds straight into the portafilter, but it spread so much coffee around that we lost a cup for each cup we drank. (It was worse when my wife did it than when I did it, but that’s neither here nor there.) So I went back to the Mazzer Mini. We have it connected to a darkroom timer, and have found that when we grind for 21 seconds, we get the proper amount for two cups of espresso. And no one has to stand there the whole time.

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No, it seemed a little fussy.

I apologize for the long delay in replying. I actually thought I had but see I didn’t. Thank you for your experiences it helped. I looked at the ECM S-Automatic 64 and the Manuel. Both have a shoot similar to my Eureka. My Eureka does fairly well centering the grounds in the portafilter basket but still makes a mess at the end when full so I resorted to using a magnetic funnel on the basket. That solved the problem.

I ended up ordering the Synchronika and the V Titan 64. They are a gift for a couple in San Diego and wish I was keeping them for myself. I don’t need a new machines but those ECM products look gorgeous, apparently function well, and the build quality is superior for the price.

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Please tell me more. I am making a mess.

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I am using this one. If interested be sure to verify your portafilter size. Mine is 58mm.

Had I known about dosing rings, we may have stayed with the ECM grinder. But I am not unhappy with a grinder that one can set with a timer and walk away from.

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That’s how I feel. The first grinder I bought was noisy, slow, and threw coffee everywhere. I quickly went to the Eureka over its reputation for quietness then gave the first one to a young girl working behind the counter at Caribou. (I warned her though. Haha.)

The ECM Titan far exceeds my needs but would sure like to have one. It’s hard to justify its price but matches the Synchronika nicely.

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That looks a lot like the Mazzer Mini E, the one I originally wanted.

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Thanks a ton!

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The delivery left the V TiTan 64 but wouldn’t leave the espresso machine without a signature. Apparently it will be redelivered tomorrow instead. I hope they like it.


They have yet to use it. What are they waiting for?


My wife’s uncle has the same roaster I do. He puts his roaster on a TV tray and roasts just outside their kitchen door. He’s also very into espresso so roasts a bit darker than I do

My MD brother recently bought a commercial roaster. He’s always been one to take things to the extreme. He’s single now and has shifted his practice to medical marijuana. He’s doing well. What’s he doing with a large commercial roaster I have no idea

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My machine’s thermostat has been acting up and overheating. I lowered the steam pressure to about 1 bar and ordered a new thermostat. For the past ten days or so my coffee has been really bad. The shots have tasted bad and haven’t been able to steam the milk properly.

Today the new thermometer arrived (USPS really sucks and yeah I will debate it). So before swapping out thermostats I upped the pressure and so far so good. I am now enjoying the best coffee in ten days. Woot woot. I will see how long it lasts. But for now I am happy again. Woot woot.

Me too. I think burr ground coffee might solve a bit of that, but I’m not investing. I press at home. Have gerd, so I’ve very much limited coffee in my life. now, I like to really enjoy it when I get to.

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