How big is your mouth?

Another reason why thin crust pizza is the perfect food :wink:


Nearly anything in a pita? Wraps in a 6" tortilla? grin

Pitas come in lots of sizes, some much bigger than 6".

I was referring to 6" tortillas. Pita, no matter the diameter, can only get so thick when stuffed without tearing.

We used to eat pitta with our Eastern Mediterranean mezzes and, as you say, it’s always a capacity issue. Then we discovered khobez bread and now use that for scooping and wrapping.

The limited capacity avoids the problem (to me) exemplified by four inch (10 cm) high burgers. I can eat a pita stuffed to capacity without having to unhinge my jaw and appearing inelegant. grin

And now I have an urge to eat gyros. Perhaps next date night…with my wife, not you John. grin

I have had one revelatory sandwich in my life, and that was at the snack bar at Grey’s Antique Mall in London. Chicken breast on white bread, LETTUCE, SALT AND PEPPER and mayo. Had never thought of putting salt and pepper onn a sandwich, All the difference in the world for simple roast or poached meats.


I just caught up on another food forum (no not that one) and have come to two conclusions:

  1. I will never eat a sandwich (in which case I definitely include burgers) made by Kenji López-Alt.
  2. 4" (10 cm) is simply unacceptably too high for a sandwich.
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I’ll play.
What’s wrong with his sandwiches :sandwich:?
And height is the defining element of your dream sandwich?
The construction triumphs over the individual ingredients.
This is the architect deal kicking in,
I suppose.

In my opinion, Mr. López-Alt has a strong tendency to make things unnecessarily complicated for no marginal value. The latest picture of a towering hamburger construction to land in my inbox set me off. Part of good architecture is design that leads to a product fit for purpose; how is a product you can’t eat fit for purpose. Mr. López-Alt is part of the Serious Eats advertising mill. Bah.

#2 is a product of engineering. To say something is too big begs the question of thresholds. How big?