How about a spot for a real gyro in New Jersey?

It’s true… the pre-made meat is good almost anywhere. However, once I went to The Gyro Spot originally mentioned in my post, things changed. I crave it again or something similar to it. I’d be there at least once a week or more if they were close to me.

The Greek Spot in Ocean is great. Had the gyro and moussaka.


You’d get one on the way to work? I’m very impressed. In the UK they are only ever eaten when you are spandangled, on the way back from the pub at around 1 a.m. It’s a law.

That’s more suited for white rose system… a few miles down the road

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Have you ever seen the “fat sandwiches” we eat here on a bender? Lol.

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I’ve never acquired a taste for them.

Some are better than others. They do pair well with copious amounts of booze!

The Rutgers grease trucks were the best back in the day. Nellys is OK but I don’t think they quite nailed it. The problem there is the cheese steak meat sucks…it’s like steakum crap. Tre calore in Middletown has some but they are on the smaller side.

I was (key word was) a big late night drunken White Castle guy or better yet any diner. Many nights at the Reo in Woodbridge, I bet they did as much business between 2-5am as they did the remaining 21 hours of the day.

Evan’s is showing the same price increases as everyone else: The gyros sandwich (rolled in a pita, no fries) was $7.50, then $8.50, and now $9.50 (all those include tax). I had been handing over a twenty for two, but now I need to supplement that. :frowning:

However, it’s still a better deal than the Bubbakoo’s Burritos we had the other day for the same price.

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