House of Chong, Middletown, NJ

He should just go hire the Sichuan cottage cooking crew.

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NOOOOOOO! (sez. ME.)

Let’s give it up for the House of Chong Christmas Eve Pupu Platter!

Mele Kalikimaka Cebollas de Hambre. (?)


Sretan Božić :christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

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Man thanks for reminding me of that place, I’m overdue for a visit. Looks fantastic!


With no LS at moment think I’ll be trying this spot today as well


I forwarded your enjoyment to Danny this morning and we chatted a little bit.

He said business has been very good lately given the circumstances and said they were crazy busy Christmas Eve.


The leftover Grand Marnier Shrimp :fried_shrimp: will make their way into tonight’s dinner. There’s bound to leftovers of those guys…hefty portion, and richly decadent.


Thank you for the reminder especially with Little Szechuan in Little Silver closed its been awhile since I’ve had good Chinese. Not doing much/any indoor dining so it was take out but still ohhhh soooo goood!


If your food isn’t ready you can down a mai tai while you wait.


That was originally one of my favorite things about the place, the fact you could have a nice adult beverage while enjoying excellent Chinese food. That’s the only reason I will go to Crown Palace albeit for “mediocre” Chinese food.

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Is there any update about LS? Asking because there’s a ridiculous thread on my local NextDoor page and someone mentioned it being closed.

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A little birdy told me there was a death in the family and they closed to deal with that. Not sure if the person was vital to operations and thus the closure might be permanent or this is just a bereavement closure.

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I haven’t been to House of Chong in ages. @NotJrvedivici 's praise made me think about ordering so I went on their website. Like everywhere else it is geared for online ordering. I had no idea they were established in 1969! Must be doing something right!

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Yeah the history of the place is rather interesting. Apparently is was founded in 1969 as “The House of Cheech and Chong” and they had great success in the 70’s & 80’s. They were rumored to uses a special mix of herbs on in their rubs which left customers stoked with high praises.

Then like so many partnerships by the late 80’s there was a rift and the partnership went Up in Smoke and it’s been known as The House of Chong ever since.


No wonder the brownies were so good.

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Seems like a good spot for a HO’down when all of this ends.


I retired recently and with no worries of a failed “exam” I’m spending some time at The House. I’m not going all the way back to the 70’s if I did my heart would explode and my head implode. “Implosions are ugly”, from “The Wolf of Wall Street.”


ANY PLACE seems like a good spot for a HOdown when all this ends…


We had a 4:20 reservation and everyone was kind.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold