[Hong Kong] Fung Kee* Hong Kong style stir-fry / hotpot 鋒記小炒王

Situated in a dark back alley in Shau Kei Wan, if it was not a local friend who recommended this place, we would never have known this little gem, a somehow hole in the wall place for the locals keep for themselves.

Shau Kei Wan is a more residential part in Hong Kong, you can still find the old style open air market. There are few tourists in this area.

The style of cuisine is Hong Kong style, meaning you can find all types of styles: Sichuan, Thai, Cantonese… mainly stir-fry dishes and hot pots.

Spicy chicken and intestines pot

Fung Kee stir-fry - Fried squid, pork, shrimp, cashew with Chinese leeks or chives.

Golden prawn - My favourite of the meal! Influenced by Thai cuisine. Prawn deep fried with preserved duck egg yolk… simply delicious, we ate everything including the shells.

I read afterwards somewhere that the chef is Thai. It is a family operated place, husband cooking and wife taking care of orders.

*鋒記小炒王 (Note, the English name here is translated, the place has only Chinese name)
Shop 3A, G/F, Sun Lee Mansion, 6-28 Ngoi Man Street, Shau Kei Wan
(5 minutes walk from the Shau Kei Wan MTR station exit A3)
6:30 pm - 2 am
Tel: 2778 8680 (reservation recommended)


Nice photo. So what is your take on this place? Excellent? Average? Avoid if possible?

Nice review! How’s the intestine in the hot pot?

I wonder what they do with all that salted egg white…

I think I’ve been to Shau Kei Wan probably only once or twice ever. There’s definitely a psychological barrier going there (the distance, at least to me). There always seems to be something interesting to eat or do to the west on the island. Perhaps this demands a trek there.

How does your friend like their signature pepper pig stomach chicken hot pot?

It’s good place, better than average considering the price and the food served, especially if you like strong flavours, stirred or deep fried food. The off side is it’s a bit far away, but as I know some people travelled from new territories to eat in this place.
Personally i will eat often in if it’s a neighborhood restaurant.

This is an interesting dish, actually from Chiu Chow cooking, you can find easy find the recipe online. It seems people like about this dish is the strong chicken taste in the red dates soup base and the chicken is still tasty to be eaten after long cooking the intestines is cooked just right This restaurant serve aside with this hot pot with some leafy vegetables like lettuce, you can also have the chive dumpings and some deep fried bean curd sheets.

Our dish the intestines and the chicken (photo 1), it was cooked with the gas heater in front of us, we prefered meat to cook jut right to avoid being chewy but the Chinese like it cook much more to be safe. In the end we were our chef and we stopped the stove at the right time.

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Thanks. Usually, I prefer a milder flavor, but a strong flavor is nice once awhile. If it is an excellent place, and if time permit, an hour or two is not too bad. I am sure there are other things to do in the area.

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Got the answer from her, she likes the pepper pig stomach chicken pot very much and she also recommends the following:
Mutton belly pot
Supreme soy sauce fried noodles
The Chinese leek (chives) dumplings that you can ordered with the hot pot.

She recommended a visit to the foodie street Main Street East in Shau Kei Wan, a street that is only 780 meter long but with + 60 restaurants.

Some examples: the famed On Lee Noodle Shop (Chiu Chow fish balls), A One (Yunnan noodles), Kam Tung Kitchen and if you like dessert, a café called 糖品 (no English shop name).

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