[Hong Kong] Dinner at the Chairman, Central.

A true dilemma. Price for the very good stuff may be high, but relative to back home, may be half the price. When you factor in the fact that the quality of ingredients and cooking technique is twice as good, you’re looking at a factor to the 4th power. :slight_smile:

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Ha I’m glad in someways my trip was short. I think I’m hemorrhaging money just at the fruit stands going, ohhhh what is this random imported Japanese fruit? Is it that much better if the price is 5x as much as the US? Is that mango that luscious?


As far as I can tell, tea was $25 per person which seems to be… well five bucks higher than the menu in English, but is 25 bucks in Chinese … … well guess that’s not updated lol.
Razor clams were 115 each.
Next up was that steamed mouse grouper which was a … princely sum.
Soup was 118 on the Chinese menu (I really think the English one was not updated at all online).
The layered beancurd and veggies in fish broth was 158.
The crab rice was 960 which was delicious and meant for 8 people.
Had congee for $18
Lastly we had the almond soup for 60 each.

Add that 10% service charge and I just rounded up from there to 5k. Yikes! Delicious though but probably will go for a regular executive set meal next time haha…


Man, $300+ for a fish is above my pay grade. :smile: Probably explains why I’ll never go to places like The Chairman on my own dime.

We’re booked for 3 weeks in HKG in August. Its most helpful to have the 10 year China Visa, and Hong Kong E-Channel clearance. Planning to go to Shenzhen, Guanzhou and hopefully Kaiping. It’ll be beyond fantastic to actually step on the ground that my parents and grandparents walked in years past.

In November, we’ve booked a flight for a week in Chendu. We had a great time in Beiing this last November, and eager to explore and eat more of Mainland China. We spend quite a bit of time travelling annually, and have to be frugal out of necessity. Fortunately, we are able to live comfortably and eat very well on a reasonable budget, with the occasional splurge.


Japanese fruit prices are crazy.

$43 bucks for a watermelon? Not even a square one.

$87 for a cantaloupe? That’s getting into nosebleed territory.

$90 for six citrus. After I win the lottery.

We had to buy some strawberries, after we had walked past a couple of miles of strawberry greenhouses in the Shizuoka area.

Only $13.50 for a small basket. Sooooo refreshing after walking a few miles in the warm winter sun.


Haha… we already ate everything before I asked for the bill… don’t think I can regurgitate it back together lol. Yeah that price was definitely steeper than I expected and… I kinda avoided fish the rest of the trip lol. Focused more on shellfish which isn’t exactly cheaper either. Ugh… … come on tax return…

Oh nice! Will you check out Foshan as well? @sck mentioned a really interesting restaurant called House 102 and that definitely seems awesome to check out (no idea on price…).

I bought a 200 hkd mango from Japan lol. I think the major push for that was that it costs 600 at City Super and I was like… I guess its a relative bargain at the Yau Ma Tei market…

It certainly was tasty but I don’t think I have the nerve to buy it again.

Oh! I loved eating these. You can find them in California usually labeled as Sumo. Very sweet and they’re seedless so works even better for me since I can be quite lazy… But yeah definitely not worth it at that price.

I tried a three set variant on the Japanese strawberry which were white, pink and red. I suggest eating it in that order as well. They all had very floral notes though compared to the normal strawberries you can find here. But still relatively very sweet.

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