Homemade Peasant bread, 2 round loaves in 3 hrs.


Thanks to a post on Food Talk Central, from @Happybaker, I was reminded I wanted to try the recipe.

Made it yesterday, with no modifications, and baked in a 9X13, well-oiled, glass pan.

Fresh out of the oven:

Upside down on the cooling rack:

Right side up:

And a slab sliced off:

Verdict: was a breeze to make and the results are marvelous. Am looking forward to experimenting with the base recipe and guidelines.

Has anyone used the cookbook that grew out of this recipe?

(ChristinaM) #22

Looks good!


Yes, I have used Bread Toast Crumbs and there is a thread about it on Chowhound, too. The results don’t look pretty, but like you experienced, it tastes good and the texture is good, too. When I first made it, I was being snobby, but my family finished it right away and I eventually came around.



(Dan) #25

I have an ecopy of her book but haven’t used many of this other recipes. I do plan to bake bread on the next tour bus just to see how it works out.


Thanks for posting this recipe. Tried making it tonight and had very good results. I used bread flour instead of AP. Very moist crumb and crispy buttery crust. Very easy to make too.

(Denise) #27

This caught my eye. @Rooster, any food that you are cooking on the road sounds like it deserves a series like Greatest Hits of the Tour Bus. Impressed!


Thanks for showing the process, now I want to make one too! I’m seduced by this version.