[Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam] A Fishy Meal at Chả Cá Lã Vọng

With all due respect, I have no idea what you’re talking about when you reference crime in Asia even in broad daylight. My husband and I have traveled extensively through Asia and never once felt unsafe in broad daylight or after sundown. In fact, we always remark that Asia is the one continent where we feel safe, perhaps with the exception of subcontinent India (Delhi and Agra) where the aggressive tourist shakedown was common. We have never had an issue in Southeast Asia – and we’ve been to every country in SEA (multiple times for some of them).

On the other hand, either he or I have had friends mugged throughout Europe. We even had our own terrible experience in Buenos Aires a few years ago.

Sorry if I was not clear. My next holiday is not in Asia. And you are correct most of Asia is safe. I never felt unsafe in any Asian countries so far.

Apologies. Wherever it is you are going on your next holiday does not sound appealing. The sights must be incredible enough to make up for the feeling of insecurity after sundown.

Digga, no worries. Re my next holiday, I hope so, too. Because… damn, nothing is worth my life.

Naf, we ate at the same restaurant. When I got there it was full so we went to a nearby beer place to drink and came back half an hour later. The small room upstairs was also full but there was finally a free table for 2. It was just a simple extra space, nothing like the interior downstairs like in your photos.

Everything happened so fast. The server kept cooking for us but we told her we would do it ourselves (this way we could relax and eat at our pace). Notice my rubbish photography over 10 years ago.

Maybe they don’t use these old portable gas burner anymore.

The pan.

The northern Vietnamese fermented sauce is in another bowl. I had this meal in Montreal last year. It didn’t taste much like this.

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