Help with ALS-friendly takeout [Greater Boston]

So thoughtful and wonderful, Digga, and I am sure they appreciate the leftovers.

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Sharing a meal in good company + offering leftovers for later is one of life’s great joys. I’m sure your friends appreciated!


@tcamp That sounds like a very difficult sad situation. I had one work colleague years ago whose husband died of early-onset ALS in his late-30’s (not sure the technical term for it; his dad and brother also succumbed).

We Onions, I think, show our love through food as you are doing for your friend and her kid. They must be so grateful.


I haven’t been to BRBBQ in over 5 years, since I no longer drive, but I always got the same thing: the BBQ Burrito, with burnt ends as my choice of meat. If you are unfamiliar, it’s as huge as it is tasty. You’d probably want pulled meat for your friend, who would most likely need to eat it with a knife and fork. (Joe E. Brown would have had to struggle to open wide enough to get his mouth around the intact burrito!.. grasshoppers, google him :wink:).

Also, Panera’s Autumn Harvest squash soup (cheaper at Market Basket than at Panera locations) is vegetarian and outstanding. Every bit as good, and satisfying, as curried winter squash soups made with chicken stock.

Consider a Tres Leches cake, which is very soft.

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First, my sincerest condolences to your friend and his partner. My uncle suffered through ALS for over a decade before finally succumbing when he was eventually a feeding tube and a head.

Second, your efforts and sentiment are immensely commendable and heartwarming. Kudos to you.

Third, having gone through this, and despite your first instincts, I would definitely ask the partner what your friend can and wants to eat. Despite what you may have known about your friend in the past, ALS does terrible stuff to a person – both physically, mentally and biologically. So while he may have liked Korean spicy food in the past, that may no longer be the case.

Fourth, no matter what you bring, the most important thing is the effort, which will your friend will enjoy infinitely more than anything you bring him.