Help me pick a new gin

Unless I missed it, your argument was not, previously, whether or not it was worth it to use fancy gin in a Negroni. (We agree that it is not.) Rather, your argument was that it was impossible to tell. ((We disagree.)


Well what I mean is that if I can’t distinguish a top gin in a cocktail, it’s not worthwhile using it in that cocktail for me and my wallet…
You’re very welcome to disagree.

We all have different tastebuds and different subjective feelings.

I claimed 95% would not be able to really distinguish whether a negroni was made with a Tanqueray 43.1% ABV or a Beefeater 40% ABV.
I stand by that claim. But taste nuances are so subjective. This is what’s so nice about gin.
Everyone has his or her own favourite.

I just feel I would make the controversial claim, that 95% of people can’t tell whether they drink a Negroni with a Tanqueray or a beefeater gin in it.

Hi Damiano,

I use Antica Carpano vermouth in my Negroni’s.

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I had a lovely gin gifted to me last year
Gray Whale Gin - it is a modern American gin and meant for sipping rather than as a mixer.

Very subtle botanicals but it reminds me of the coast every glass.

My go to gin is Botanist and I love everything St George.


Beefeater is 44% ABV.

No, maybe in your part of the world.

In Europe it’s 40% ABV.


I had no idea, used t be 47% in the USA.

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In Europe we have a special Beefeater called 24, it’s 45% ABV and quite good. One of my favourite gins out there, at least in my Top 10 of best gins.

The regular has been 40% ABV for decades in Europe.

We have Beefeater 24 here also, It is also 45% ABV. I have not tried it.

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A local gin producer was pimping its 4 gins at a local market. Thankfully, we could sample each before settling on the Tea Blue. Dude was adamant to show us what happens when you add tonic. The 100ml bottle was enough for one martini at home. It was just ok. Pretty, but not interesting enough… like many people :wink:

OTOH, the Eden Mill St. Andrews original Scottish gin purchased on a whim at Heathrow was quite lovely.

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I’m admittedly biased, b/c I can conveniently pick these up directly from the distiller (now they are showing up at Costco and local groceries), but these gin cocktails from Venus are quite tasty when I’m not in the mood to mix my own. Canned cocktails really exploded in my area over the past two years; of all the ones I’ve tried the Venus Gin Gimlet was the one that I bought again.

Their flagship Gin is the Batch #1 and it is very good (K&L now sells it).

It truly depends on what type of drink you are making.

For a lemonade style drink Hendrick’s would be a good choice.

Tanqueray if mixing with Dubonnet which is Queen Elizabeth’s favourite cocktail to enjoy before dinner.

Beefeater is budget friendly and would work in most cocktails.

Straight up either Bluecoat Barrel or Barr Hill.

For Martini’s any extra dry gin will do and I would put my focus on the vodka in this instance.

Those are just some of my random thoughts YMMV.

P.S. Vodka because I prefer vodka over gin in Martinis


Good tip - next time I’ll remember to put in a splash of Hendrick’s in my lemonade. I don’t think the kids would mind! :slight_smile: :wink: Just kidding.

Thanks for the tip on the Dubonnet cocktail, didn’t know. In honour of the Queen I’ll be trying it out asap!

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Your recipe calls for Beefeater gin.
If it is in your budget spring for the Tanqueray.

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I change it up a little and prefer London dry. It mainly rotates among Tanq, Beefeater, Bombay white, Botanivore for the occasional treat, and Terroir for the holidays, but yesterday I found my new love, Ford’s. O my!

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Botanivore? Do you mean The Botanist? It’s a favorite of mine, too, and I also just recently tried Ford’s.

I love that gin has been experiencing such a renaissance. There are so many more gins to discover :slight_smile:

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Oh, duh. The St. George’s. Love that one and the Terroir.

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Nope, Botanivore. It is made by St. George. If you like the Botanist, try Caorunn. It is less expensive but terrific.

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Yes, my bad. I’ve had it many times, as I said above.

I’ve not had the Caorunn. Will see if it’s available around these parts with its silly state stores :roll_eyes::crossed_fingers: