Help me choose a Portuguese/Spanish restaurant in Newark

Ok! Thanks for the recommendation.

Totally agree that you probably ordered wrong… But give them a second shot! I’m glad the others were happy with their meals . Go sit at the bar on a Saturday afternoon! Or a Tuesday for that matter… :grin:

Recently, I visited Newark and I was impressed with the myriad of Spanish and Portuguese restaurants. On my street where I lived where about 5 Spanish or Portuguese restaurants in a row. However, only three remained in my memory as exquisite and unique. These are Sabor Unido, Campino and Forno’s. Back in Toronto we don’t have so many Spanish/Portuguese restaurants. Though, it’s not a big pitty for me, because my favorite cuisine is Italian. If you will come to Toronto you must visit Blu Ristorante. The website will provide a better understanding of how luxurious and outstanding the restaurant is.

Seabra’s is it. Having worked many years in One Newark Center, I have eaten in the Ironbiund since way back before even the PAC… When the Ironbound was the only safe place in Newark. If you want Rodizio or meat and seafood, Iberia or Fernandes are tops. But seafood is definitely Seabra’s. When I started there they spoke virtually no English and it was point and go…

There two big platters are spectacular but you need a minimum of 4 to tackle them. The dry soup is wonderful as is the Frutos do Mar na Cataplana served in a copper pot.

And my wife says the stuffed Lobster has the best stuffing ever created.

Try it again with those choices…