Heirloom Kitchen, Old Bridge [NJ]


The HK duck takes FOREVER too. We learned this the hard way a couple times after dilly dallying over what to order and suddenly dinner is taking 3 hours since that duck is a 45 minute cook on the burner.

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You know gracie funny you mention that, while yes my experience was 3+ hours I sat at the chef’s table and as you can see in my pics they cooked my duck then it sat, a while, under the heating light while they finished/prepared the other meals. Not sure the delay is due to the actual cooking time of the duck or the fact they like it to “rest” for a prolonged period before serving.

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Duck is one of my go-to items (along with lamb and octopus)–if I see it on a menu, chances are VERY good that I’ll order it. The HK duck did NOT disappoint…in fact, there was enough of it that I brought the last piece home and had it the next day! (Keep in mind that we ate almost the entire menu, so I was having lots of other things…) Chef Rob was explaining the type of duck that they use to my friends; I was at the edge of earshot but I think he said they’re from Crescent Duck Farms. Big and meaty and YUMMM.

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HO down???


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Can we wait until wabbit season?

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I will second everything @CurlzNJ about dinner at HK. The flavor profiles were familiar but different - and nothing tasted like expected it to. And I mean that in the very best way. My only quibble, and it is minor, is that nothing was very hot.

I really had no idea how long dinner took, but then I could have sat watching the kitchen crew boil water and been content. I just love watching kitchens in action. The service was very professional without being cold. The team was right on top of everything. The plating was divine (and the small, matte app plates were from Ikea).

I too am glad I got to try the original menu. My only regret is no one ordered the short rib (I did briefly think about ordering it as an extra). Chef Viana mentioned that he did not repeat menu items which is nice to hear and could keep me going again and again. I can’t wait to try the prix fixe menu.


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Came home a little while ago from doing the new 5-course tasting menu. Stay tuned for details and photos.


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There was a nice write up in the link below.


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Great read! What I liked best was;

“I can definitely feel the eyes, and now the cameras come out a bit more, with some people taking candids, but it’s all fine,” says Viana, 38. “I will soak up every minute of the 13 I have left of fame.”

I like the mentality that he is only 2 minutes into his 15! Go get em’!!!



I have to say that I completely agree with what was written…I loved the laid-back vibe of HK!


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A bit too laid back would be my only “complaint”. Regardless how good the food is, 3+ hours is just too much for me.



Our dinner took 2.5, so maybe they figured that out…?

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After our nearly 2.5 hour dinner last week at victory last week and our kid was fine, we decided to knowingly embark on a similar time commitment. We did an early seating on Saturday and did the 3 course menu. Dinner took about an hour and 45 minutes and was seriously delicious. I think the apps were better than my entree but that’s not saying anything was bad. Taste from the kitchen was a cold fennel soup. I normally hate fennel but perhaps I’ve just been eating it wrong? This was awesome and light. Husband did smoked lox on a flatbed which was closer to sushi than a typical smoked lox. And gorgeously plated. I did fried oysters. 5 big and meaty oysters.

Entrees he did short ribs which I barely got a taste of. He proclaimed it to be the best short rib he ever had and then seemed to ignore my dagger eyes! I had halibut over a yellow dal. Flavorful and perfect for that warm weather.

Desserts a chai cake (I believe?) This wasn’t my favorite. Just not wild about cakes usually. And a rice pudding :heart_eyes:.

They don’t do any side dishes anymore but you can order bread ($5) or if you wanted an extra app or entree they will add that on. It isn’t cheap ($75 pp for 3 courses) but doesn’t feel like a rip off. Portions are well sized and the service is excellent.

Husband took a few pics. I need to get them from him. The toddler did great but didn’t want to eat anything but bread and a banana :roll_eyes:!



I couldn’t figure out how to edit my post. Here are pics of the appetizers:

The lox flatbread:

Fried oysters:


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That’s a wonderful endorsement of the short rib when it’s just so good that you become oblivious to your surroundings and especially your darling wife.

Sounds dangerous to me.



Extremely dangerous, indeed!



That salmon flatbread is one of the most beautiful plates I’ve seen in a VERY long time; we had it the night we were there as well. It’s a work of art AND delicious!

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We had another spectacular dinner last night at Heirloom. They’ve changed their format now offering a three course meal or a five course tasting menu.

We always share our dishes so we opted for the three course and ordered six different dishes.

The food here is so creative, beautifully plated and really good. Standouts from last nights dinner were many- fried oysters, ribs, “pasta salad”, “fried rice”, halibut and the wild boar.

Service is professional and very friendly. Your wine and water glass is never empty! Heirloom is one of our favorite place to come to to enjoy not only a great meal, but a relaxed modern atmosphere



My husband got us reservations for a Mother’s Day gift to a Top Chef collaboration dinner at Heirloom next week. I’m super excited. I’ve been a fan of the show forever so this will be really cool for me. It will feature Brandon, Nini and (of course) David. Good thing he didn’t discuss it with me because I would have balked at the price (6 courses for $225 PER PERSON + TAX + GRATUITY!!!)