Heirloom Kitchen, Old Bridge [NJ]

I imagine that anything you’d have there would be excellent! I can’t eat lobster but that sounded like a great bargain to me…

Yes it does look tasty. Thanks for pointing it out. Urchin has a rich and buttery taste to me so I wonder how this will pan out. Traditionally, I’ve never been a fan of garlic butter on lobster or crab. I love garlic and butter but I think that is best reserved for shrimp. For crab and lobster, I just like plain salted butter.

Thanks for pointing that out. Sea urchin + lobster sounds pretty awesome. I think I need to make this happen.

Uni butter is the base for one of my favorite ways to eat pasta. I don’t add garlic to mine, just a bit of real cheese and maybe a dollop of caviar if I am especially flush.

AHEM. $140pp. Meat and Offal.

Darn it, I will be in Florida

I’m interested… any more info on the menu?

All I know is it’s a Meat and Offal menu…maybe there’s s menu on their website?

No menu, just:

Sunday, September 17th @ 6pm
A Special Collaboration Dinner With Chefs
Meat Lovers Dinner
with Complimentary Wine Pairings
Join us for an intimate evening with acclaimed Chefs Mike Carrino of the storied Pig & Prince (3 Stars, New York Times) and Heirloom Kitchen’s Chef David Viana (31/2 stars, Star Ledger). Chef Viana will be cooking meat proteins while Chef Carrino highlights the The Fifth Quarter of each animal in a dish to compliment. Chef Mike Carrino is known for his in-house charcuterie and meat curing program.

Nick Pizzonia, VP of Court Liquors in Long Branch, and Andy Clurfeld, founder of The Garden State Culinary Arts Foundation, will pair organic and biodynamic wines via their favorite boutique producers.


Oh, I forgot to add that it’s $140 plus a 20% gratuity.

Here’s the menu:


9 courses with wine pairing, coming out to around $180 with tax and tip. Tempting, but for $20 per tapa-sized plate, I’d imagine it’d have to be pretty incredible.

“* Tête de Cochon / –pickled “fallen angels,” potato, bitter greens, sauce civet”

I have no flippin’ idea what this is. Google is not much help. “*Tête de Cochon” might be head cheese, but what are “fallen angels”?

Dinner tonight …really enjoyable experience at the Chef’s Table. Chef Dave is very engaging and personable.
Presentation service and food all were exceptional. Our party of 5 equally enjoyed the experience.
Standout dishes octopus and pork belly appetizers. Duck and black bass entrees, and the desserts were aloso exceptional
Particularly the mint mousse!

Overall just a really nice evening ! Look forward to coming back!


Glad you enjoyed @Oldandtired How did Chef Dave do the pork belly?

Carmelized with very finely sliced celery and crushed peanuts … Nice blend of texture and flavor

That pork belly is insane. We had it when we were in a couple weeks ago. Totally a highlight.

How long was the meal? My wife went several weeks ago ( I had to cancel last minute ) but her meal was close to 4 hours. Was it the same for you?

We have another reservation for Feb. 11th so I’ll be finding out for myself.

2 hrs … time went by fast …Chef David was very open to conversation as well as his staff

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I have no flippin’ idea what this is. Google is not much help. “*Tête de Cochon” might be head cheese, but what are “fallen angels”?

Your question made me curious:

fallen angels