Halloween Candy

I accept! :trophy:

The software warned me, but after checking to see if there was already something about Halloween happening, I didn’t feel like coming up with something new. :woman_shrugging:t6: :woman_shrugging:t4: :woman_shrugging:t4: :person_shrugging:t5: (trying out the colors!).


And that’s what it’s all about. I was not being, or meaning, to seem complaining in any way. I was just like “Wow” b/c 8 years was the most I’d seen.


It was our first job . Getting the most candy . When back at home . Dumping the bag on your bed. Sorting the Smarties from the rest.


We had any more kids this year then last! Fortunately they took almost all the candy. Unfortunately they left a disproportionate number of Snickers, my favorite.

:thinking:Actually, I probably bought a disproportionate number of Snickers.

@John, i once got an envelope of Carnation Instant Breakfast! Who remembers getting apples?

I also remember us being afraid of roving bands of bigger kids swinging socks with big pieces of chalk in them.


We had one house on the ‘route’ that appeared to be truly haunted. Old Gothic looking place falling apart, peeling white paint, picket fence, little wood bridge over the stream, you get the picture. None of us had ever seen anyone coming or going from that place in all the years we would walk by. One year, on a dare, myself and two others made the Halloween dash up to the front door holding hands and rang the bell. Expecting Boo Radley, a little old lady answered the door and had, at that time–mid 60’s, 50¢ (the huge ones) Hershey’s bars for us. We could barely get a thank you out we were so surprised. Later that spring we discovered she had passed. We always wondered who she was and what her life was like. We’ll never know.


I always used to sort my candy! Anything taffy (Mary Janes, B-B-Bats) and crappy gum like Bazooka was thrown out immediately. Most everything chocolate was kept–I used to waffle about keeping the 2-Dud box of Milk Duds–as was Smarties. Tootsie Rolls were a maybe, but Tootsie Pops were a yes.

Anyone else forced by their school to collect for UNICEF?


I liked Chicets, did not like Double Bubble or Bazooka Joe.
In Canada, there’s also a soap-flavoured gum called Thrills that was a love it or hate it treat.

I remember people collecting for UNICEF. I never did.

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I don’t remember being forced, but I certainly remember going “Trick or Treat (ing) for UNICEF”!

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Did you guys also remember UNICEF taking kickbacks from the ADA?

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We would drop off our haul halfway through, and my mother would pull all the candy we didn’t like and give that out to the kids who showed up after that.

I’m old enough to remember getting homemade and unsealed treats as well as candy.



Me too. But they were usually in a baggie identifying the baker–I’d still take one of Mrs. B’s homemade peanut butter chocolate cookies over a candy bar. Any non-identified goodies went out in the trash.

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I don’t recall being “forced.” Well at least no more than being forced to do anything else in the course of a school day. I do remember the boxes and mom & dad keeping a bowl of change by the door for the other kids’ boxes.

Haven’t seen a UNICEF box in a long, long time.

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:roll_eyes:I was like 10, so no.

I was joking.



What’s that emoji? Hand to forehead? I could use that one.

:person_facepalming:t6: :person_facepalming:t5: :man_facepalming:t4:

Found it!

I assumed the link was this ADA!

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We all had to turn in our boxes on the 1st, so you couldn’t not do it.

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You couldn’t return the box the way you got it?

This reminds me of the scene in Woody Allen’s “Radio Days” with the pushke boxes.